Scion size limits?

marknmtFebruary 23, 2013

I have a very limited amount of one variety that I want to place elsewhere on my tree, but some of it is twice the diameter I'm used to using (all last year's growth.) Should I be able to wrestle the thick wood into place? Would it be better to use it on larger branches, perhaps 3"+ diameter?

I've fought with scions that were too thin but never one this large -perhaps 1/2", or slightly larger.


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chip bud?

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What kind of tree and what method of grafting are you contemplating?

I wouldn't hesitate to use 1/2" scion to do a whip and tongue to a matching diameter shoot.

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alan haigh

I find that sometimes, some varieties buds are not completely developed towards the base of annual shoots which may reduce viability but otherwise wood should be fine.

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Thanks all. It's Rubinette on my apple.

I'd probably do cleft on this one, although W&T is the best, I think; I'm more reliable with cleft. Hadn't thought of chip, although I often do chip back ups with any splice.

The Rubinette has been a vigorous grower (towards the top of my tree) and the one I ate seemed pretty good. It's also a good keeper and attractive and a convenient (not too large) size.

Thanks again.

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