Wanting to plant first asian pear tree and more....

rovobay(8)February 20, 2013

I just removed two large sycamore trees on my lot. both are separated by 70ft from eachother. I really want an asian pear tree but not sure about pollinating. what variety is a good self pollinator? or should I find a 4 in 1 combo? should I graft? never have before.... Thinking 20th Century is best variety and is partial self pollinating.

the other side we were looking into puting a plum tree similar situation. what varieties would work best in the pacific northwest (Portland oregon)? Thinking Santa Rosa

FYI, just signed up today, first post. going to be a big planting year and gardening year. taking out most plants/trees and replacing with ones that give back in the form of food.

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HI rovabay

welcome to your new obsession. Santa Rosa is an excellent choice as a self pollinator. That was my first producing tree and there was no other plum anywhere near. Fruit was not large, and also few in quantity, but that's what happens without cross pollination. Now that she has a mate I have to thin out 90% of the baby plums or I get cherry sized fruit.

One caution. I read somewhere that 3 diff strains had been released all with the Santa Rosa name. I've seen pics of other folks plums that look more red than mine. Mine are a very dark skin, very tart, but flesh is yellow and juicy. I can't vouch for other Santa Rosas ability to self pollinate.

I love Asian Pears, and many folks are saying most are partly self fertile. I planted 4 diff kinds my first year so I can't agree or disagree with that.

In all honesty I'd go Semi Dwarf on all trees and see if you can fit 2 into each spot. Lots easier to care for and more production that way. Pruning a combo tree takes a learning curve, and usually one variety takes over anyway. So if you hadn't planned for other pollination you'd be in trouble down the road anyway.

My vote on Asian Pears is Raja if you can get it. I also love Hosui, but that tree takes a lot of work. Most folks love Olympic Giant, but just put mine in so can't comment on taste yet. It would however extend your picking season, plus OG is a great storage pear. I do have 20th century but haven't been wowed by it yet. However it's young, and they say some trees need to grow up before tasting their best.

Pam in cinti

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Visit the website for Bay Laurel Nursery and look at asian pear descriptions they are accurate, but like all websites pay attention to what isn't said.

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Thanks for the insight. How close could I plant a mate to the other one? 10 feet? semi dwarf is around 15ft tall if I keep up on it?

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I'm guessing the above reference is to psuedomonas problems. I had a tough time deciding when to prune my Hosui because one website said to only prune during very hot dry conditions to prevent psuedomonas infection. Others said to prune during dormant cycle. I finally figured that the hot dry advice was given by a northwest nursery intended for local clients. I've never encountered any real problems with my Asian pears except for brittle branches breaking instead of spreading a bit while attempting to improve crotch angles. That happened on both my Dasui Li and my Hosui. But not Raja. While I do water feed and mulch my trees I've never sprayed them with anything tho I will do a dormant oil spray soon as a preventative measure.

Anyway that's the best I can figure the warning is about.

Pam in cinti

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In my opinion 12 ft would be best. If you intend to prune a good amount 10 should work tho. My trees are on OHxF333 for semidwarf. it has a varying effect, Rajah grows like crazy while Dasui LI and 20th C are staying quite compact. I know rootstoock is very important, so get advice from your local crew.

Pam in cinti

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