Dwarf trees of different types in same raised box?

yawineyFebruary 6, 2013

I'm doing raised bed/boxes for my fruit trees due to high winter water table. Anyone have experience putting 2 types of trees in the same box? The box will be big enough for 3 or so ft between trunks with min. 1 ft between either trunk and the wood. Box is 6' X 6 and a half.
I have a full dwarf Nectarine and am thinking of putting a dwarf cherry in with it.
Will they work together soil, food and water wise?

Thanks i advance for replies.
BTW, I posted this in the Container forum but not sure if raised beds is appropriate there.

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Dave Wilson Nursery's website probably has some videos on the subject.I'm not sure about those species though. Brady

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DWN usually recommends they be of the same rootstock. Two varieties on citation would be a good idea. But if nectarine is citation and cherry is colt, cherry may dominate the box..

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I havn't seen any cherries on Citation. Nectarine is Lovell anyway. Cherries I'm interested in are on New Root 1, Mahaleb and Mazzard. The Mazzard one is a sour cherry that is supposed to stay small. I'm leaning toward a small branched out Stella on Mahaleb. Or going with a miniature peach.
I didn't see any DWN vids that had different types of trees, just multiples. The ones in the vids were closer together than mine will be. As far as food and water issues with the trunks 3 ft apart and lots of room in the rest of the box, will they be similar enough in needs for it to work out?

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I've never seen cherries on citation either. Was just giving an example. A peach tree, nectarine tree, plum tree all on the same rootstock (citation for ex) in one hole is recommended over having them on different root stocks.

Maybe you just have to experiment on this one. I have seen examples of 3 different figs in one hole all on their own roots, kept the same size with pruning...

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Not really addressing your question, but I am building a raised bed in which I am combining two goji berry bushes separated by a patch of ground cherries. Along the border I am interspersing some flowers, such as marigold and nasturtium.

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Ground Cherries??? Sounds interesting. I think I'm gonna do the Cherry on Mazzard and just keep it pruned. Crurious about ground cherries though.

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I also have a Petite Negri Fig that I was going to keep in a pot. Now I am considering putting it in the bed with the Nectarine. Any advice on this idea? I still need to research it's cold hardiness and make sure it can be outside yr. round.

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