blackberry vine bores

oldokieFebruary 22, 2014

i have 2 different types of bores that are giving me fits in my thornless blackberries. do any of you have to deal with them and how. I live in NE oklahoma . The extension people say I have to watch and prune them out

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How do they bore in, at the ends? Are you pruning for height? Or are they boring in at the base? Or both? How do you know it is two kinds of borers? Did they mention the species/common name?

Raspberry Crown Borer?
Red-neck Cane Borer?
Unfortunately, not very helpful for home owners. Let me know the answers to the above and I can give you some recommendations.

Here is a link that might be useful: OK Blackberries

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there are holes close to the top of cane and the cane shows evidence of tunneling part way down and exit hole

there is another which i think is red-neck vine borer that there is a gall about 4 to 6 inch above ground and another gall about 2-3 inches above that

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When I went to prune off last year's growth from my blackberries, I noticed that I too had a lot of Red-neck Cane Borer galls on my blackberries, especially the trailing varieties that I grow. The general advice is to remove and burn the infected canes if less than 20% of your canes are infected. Since my trailing blackberries exceed the 20% rate, I'm going to try an insecticide. Admire Pro is recommended for cane borers and other leaf / cane eaters. I'm going to try a generic brand with the same ingredients called Macho 2.0 FL.

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