Plum tree for NJ (Zone 6) with deer?

prachi(6b (NJ))February 21, 2013

Hello. So I have a tree that fell over and now thinking of replacing it with a plum tree. My house backs up to a forest with deer. My guess is any plum tree will have deer problem so I'll have to deal with that. BUt my main question is can anyone recommend a plum tree with sweet fruit that looks like a grocery store plum (I understand those are japanese plums). (My kids are 5 and younger and love plums... not sure how they would take to a plum which doesn't resemble a grocery store plum... although I did get them to eat heirloom tomatoes which don't look normal).

My biggest concern is for a plum tree that will withstand our NJ winters.


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prachi(6b (NJ))

I should add that I am only looking to purchase one tree. I was thinking of a stanley.

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I don't know much about New Jersey and its climate or pests.

Stanley is a European plum, a prune type. I much prefer those to Asian. They are sweeter, meatier, don't have as much tartness in the skin, and are often/usually free-stone which is much more pleasant to eat.

Stanley is also purported to be self fertile which makes it a good choice if it is to be the only plum tree.

If you protect the tree with some sort of fence or enclosure for the first few years until it gets some canopy above 7 feet or so you may be able to remove the barrier and let it manage on its own after that.

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Stark Bros offers a bubblegum plum....Don't have one but I heard that it does taste like bubblegum

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prachi(6b (NJ))

murky.... I found some sites that offer a more mature tree that is taller (I can't imagine how they ship that) but do you think that would be ok or should I go for the shorter or even bare root plants which I would have to protect for a while?

greenthumbzdude... bubblegum! boy my kids would love that one... if I could convince my husband to let me buy another trees for pollinating I'd seriously do it.

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prachi(6b (NJ))

Nevermind Murky... I actually read the shipping info on these sites and I see that they all ship bare root trees even mature trees ....

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I've heard that Bubblegum is just another name for the Toka plum. Northwoodswis

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alan haigh

You can grow most types of plums in NJ but you may want to plant 2 trees of different varieties to insure consistent cropping. Of the many varieties of J. plums I've grown here in z 6 NY state I think Satsuma is probably the best for the home orchard.

However you shouldn't believe that deer are all to keep you from getting fruit and most casual growers fail to get anything from their fruit trees in the east. If insects don't destroy the fruit the squirrels or other animal thieves often take them before you get them.

All of these problems can be overcome but it requires a certain level of commitment.

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Plum trees of almost all varieties are targets for deer. Key to protecting this type of fruit tree is to make sure it does not make the habit list of deer roaming your area.
Proper use of deterrents and repellents can create a situation where take your property off their browse list.
Short of installing a tall deer fence, a combination of:

  1. Deterrent - Scarecrow Sprinkler
  2. Repellent - Deer Repellent Packs
    should keep deer away from any fruit tree you might

Here is a link that might be useful: Deer Repellent Packs - Deer Deterrent Page

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