Strawberries in a pyrimid

berry_bobFebruary 16, 2014

Who has done this and how did it turn out ? Did you have a problem wintering them ? I am in zone 5 seSD.


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I'm in zone 5a in WI, and I have strawberries in a pyramid. We have a good snow cover this year, so I'm not too worried about them overwintering. I forgot to cover them with straw in the fall, so the snow is doing all my work this year. Most over wintered last year, but half the strawberries on the bottom circle were smothered by the maple leaves, as I didn't remove them early enough in the spring.

I have one of those circular pyramid kits, with the metal sides. It was a bit of a pain to put together (I ended up taping the edges), but it works well. The strawberries are happy. I never use the included sprayer, it doesn't get good coverage of my oval-shaped pyramid. I hand-water as necessary.

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here is what I am looking at building

Here is a link that might be useful: tower

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Something to consider. Strawberries like sun light. From the picture, it looks like the structure blocks the berries on the back side from getting good sun light. I haven't actually seen one, so I could be wrong. Or maybe they don't expect to plant berries on the back side?

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from what I have read you turn it so a corner points north that way they all get some sunlight

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