PF 8 Ball White peach

Dan.NYFebruary 17, 2012

I just ordered one of these trees, along with a Raritan Rose. This is apparently very new variety and I hope it performs well. Supposed to be good to -12F. I dont get that low very often.

Does anyone have one of these planted or know anything about this peach?



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I am assuming nobody knows much about this so I will periodically post something about it here once I have it in the ground and it starts growing.


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This tree came fairly stout from Boyer but already budding and growing. (I wont order from them again though due to other issues) It survived lack of enough rain, deer predation and winter. This spring it came back well and is growing reasonably. Raritan rose, right next to it, also survived and is doing better compared to 8 ball. Growing stronger and faster to date. Deer fence is replaced, tons of water so far and last look one surviving blossom out of maybe 6. I was letting it grow. Hope to see the mature fruit, but am not counting on it.

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Resurrecting my thread. Summer of 2013 was good for this peach and it did well. Raritan Rose right next to it did grow better, faster, stronger though. However.. that is NOT to say 8 ball did poorly. It did fine. This spring I was set for at least a small crop of peaches from this tree. But.. alas. The mice/voles/rabbits. Whatever decided they wanted to eat the bark from the tree. All the way around the tree is eaten, and its several inches high. The tree is likely going to be dead come the warm weather this spring. Its been a bit of a chore to find this tree for sale as a replacement. I guess not so popular. I think I located another one and am working on getting it for this spring.

The clock will start again if I can get this tree and I will likely update this thread every now and again. Hopefully with better news in three years. This is kind of humbling really and aggravating.

Good news is my Raritan Rose came through (so far...) and I should have peaches from it in August. Happy me!

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Can't comment on the 8-ball, but Raritan Rose is a great tasting peach

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Well got the replacement for 8 ball white peach from Cummins nursery. Nice place to visit. The tree was quite a bit lankier than boyer. Tall and thin. But its in the ground. Now if we could only get some warm weather it may take off.

Looking forward to my Raritan Rose this late summer. !!! The image here is/was my 8 ball. What a bum deal. grrr.

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olpea(zone 6 KS)


Please keep posting on this thread. I read it every time you add an update. Bummer voles ate the last one. Once you get one fruiting, I'm interested in how you think the peach tastes.

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