Gold Kiwi

lynnmac(Mediterranean)February 8, 2009

I already grow green kiwis and would like to add a gold kiwi plant. I have had no luck finding gold kiwi plants for sale. Are they available or restricted in some way?


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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

The variety is called 'Hinabelle', and I cannot find that anyone has it outside the institute that developed it. I suspect that they're making a bundle on shipping just the fruit, and are avoiding competition.


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axier - Z10, Basque Country (Spain)

Lynnmac, according to your profile, you live in Spain.
If you are looking for the variety "Zespri Gold", what you find in groceries, you are wasting time. It is a patented variety and it is only for professionals.

Anyway, you can find another good gold variety here:

"Soreli" has been developed by Udine university (Italy) and it seems to be a good variety.

I bought one several weeks ago in the above site without problems.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kiwi

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tammysf(9b/10a or sz15/16)


i am so jealous. i spent hours looking for some gold kiwi you think it is possible to get in the US?

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axier - Z10, Basque Country (Spain)

As far as I know, it is difficult to get it in the USA.
Actinidia chinensis (all the gold varieties are A. chinensis) are prone to sprout very soon (late February) and it is a bad thing in the cold winter climate of USA. So it is more usual the Hardy kiwi (A. arguta).
I know that there is in the USA a renowned kiwi grower and collector named Roger Meyer. He has a lot of different A. chinensis varieties.

You can try contact him. I have this address (not verified) of him but I don't know if he follows on business:

Roger and Shirley Meyer
16531 Mt Shelly Circle
Fountain Valley CA 92708
Tél : 001 714 839 0796

Good luck!

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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

I am growing several yellow varieties I got from Roger. They have done fine with the cold weather, I have yet to lose buds due to a frost. But they need a longer season than I have; the fruit never ripen enough to want to eat, even if I pick them after frost has come and store them inside. Both his Red and Yellow varieties have fruited for me; the Orange proved to be a male. Given your zone Tammy I think you will be able to grow them fine.


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Thanks Axier,
I have ordered the Soreli from the French company as you suggested.
un abrazo

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axier - Z10, Basque Country (Spain)

Lynn, I want to say one thing about the plant you will receive; "Soreli" has been released to the nurseries very recently. The nurseries haven't had time enough to grow big plants, so the plants available are very young and you will receive small plants. It is not a problem if you give them a good care.
Together with Soreli you will find a male plant for it, it is the male variety "Belen".
You will find more information about Soreli in the below link (see the PDF documents on the page right).
I hope you enjoy it.

Un abrazo!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kiwi Soreli (Udine University)

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Axier, thanks for the link. The poster on the page lists some characters for Soreli that seem very good.

Bud break is the same as Hayward, bloom is 9 days earlier than Hayward, and harvest is 30 days earlier than Hayward. Fruits average >100 grams. For now, it only is licensed for sale in EU. :-(

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