Grape mulch for Apple tree

allhailerisFebruary 5, 2013

Can I use grape casings (I think that's what they are called) for mulch on my apple tree? We have two bags of them left by the previous tenant. I live in wine country where these are plentiful. They seem barky and small so I'm not sure if they're actually the discardings of wine production or shredded up vines (I'm thinking the latter).

I was able to prune most of the tree this weekend. Not sure if I should get the branches that go straight up from the main branches, but I also assume I shouldn't prune too much at a time. A website with really easy instructions would be great, and I'm sure if I spent more time on this site I'll find it. I mostly just need to know about the grape whatever it is as mulch.

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

I'm interested to see what others say on this. I don't see any problem with it- I recently chopped up my grape vine prunings to about 8" long and spread them under a couple pear trees (on top of the wood chips).

Thinking about it now, I wonder if the black rot which strikes grapes could cause any problems for apples or pears. I didn't have much of that this year, as I bagged most of my grapes. So they were safe (from black rot at least), until animals ripped through the bags and ate them all.

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My vines do have powdery mildew, but I don't think these came from my vines, I think they came from a vineyard which would have sprayed to avoid this. The fact that I already have powdery mildew in the yard I think is bad enough (I have to do something about it this spring), it affected my corn, squash and artichoke late in the growing season last year (the artichoke lost those leaves and looks great now). The material I have is very small, probably 1" long by 1/8" wide. It was put out in the front yard and used as mulch for some flowers before I moved in, and none of those were affected by any rot.

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