Grafted Carmine Jewel

Bradybb(wa8)February 14, 2014

All the reading that I've done refers to Carmine Jewel Cherry being sold,growing on it's own roots.
I pre-ordered one from a local nursery and picked it up yesterday,to find out that it's on Gisela rootstock.
I want to grow it as a bush and am not sure what kind of growth it's going to have.
Does anyone else have one of these grafted versions?I'm interested in how they turn out. Thanks,Brady

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That's really interesting Brady, I ordered one for this spring also and am planning on growing it as a shrub. I wonder how easy they are to propagate through layering or cuttings.
You might consider planting it deep enough that the graft is well buried so that it can root. Then maybe the suckers would be from the carmine jewel.

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People keep mentioning about evans having the same thing done to them. since both are bred to be frown in the north maybe grqfting on mazzard or others makes it possible to grow them further south..... it does eliminate the trees natural small size though.

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I'm thinking of grafting carmine jewel to Prunus mahaleb pontaleb. Is there a patent anyone knows of or any reason you can think of not to do it? I have 50 of the root stocks I've been growing out for a year and a row of mature carmine jewel cherries I could collect scion wood from.The reason for me is simply $'s because 50 rootstocks are $37.00 and 50 carmine jewels are $12- $35 each.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

Perhaps the US has such a demand on these Canadian pie cherries on their own root but can't fill orders, they graft.

I don't think you go much wrong,..sometimes it can be of benefit when grafting, less or none suckering, more productive, tree shape, etc.
Plant it and see if you can root some branches down the road by layering, if the branches are too high up to bend/grow in the ground, I'd put a pot on a stool or something.

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