anything wrong with this tree?

thedarkness(5)February 19, 2013

a few days ago i had questions about a young tree, now i have some about an older one. it gave fruit 3-4 years ago but hasnt since. from these pics can anyone give me a reason? sorry its not really zoomed in or anything, i just need something that seems obvious to an experienced eye

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milehighgirl(CO USDA 5B/Sunset 2B)

You will need to give more details. What cultivar is it? Where do you live? Is it blooming and not producing? If it is not self-fertile could its pollinator have been removed? How have you been fertilizing? What have you sprayed it with?

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i dont spray it or fertilize, last time it had apples there was a cherry tree right next to it, but i seriously doubt they polinated eachother. i live in northern illinois, and do not know the ariety but the apples remind me some what of koolaid from what i remeber

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