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instengFebruary 11, 2013

We have a place a couple hours south of Dallas and we went to a local nursery this weekend to pick up a couple apple trees. They had the Anna which we wanted but they were sold out of everything else but the Red Delicous. Will it be a good pollinator for the Anna? I heard the Red Delicous will usually only produce every couple years here due to the chill factor. We plan on getting a few more apple trees later which should do better in the area. Should we try to find another tree to plant this year to go with the Anna? Space is not a problem since we have over 50 acres we can plant on.

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Red Delicioius blossoms way too late for Anna and is lousy in your climate. Dorsett Golden and Shell of Alabama are the correct pollinators. It sounds like your local nursery sadly will not be familiar with apple trees suited for your climate; google "apple trees for a warm climate" to see better sources.

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Yes that is what I thought. We were looking for a Golden Dorset the nursery had several but they said they sold out of them. I want to also get a Fuji, Gala, and a couple more varities. I might have to order them. There is a nursery close by that carries them I can order them from and have them shipped. At least I have plenty of room to plant as many as I want.

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I found a Golden Dorsett, and a Pink Lady last night at another nursery. So I should be covered this year for the pollinators for the Anna.

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ahajmano(sunset 23, Mission Viejo CA)

the dorsett will polinate the Anna. The Pink Lady is self-fruitful, but would produce more with its own pollinator.

Fuji is a good cross pollinator with Pink Lady.

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