Double grafted apple tree

ryan89February 2, 2014

I am interested in a stark double delicious apple tree. It has golden delicious and red delicious on one root stock. Has anyone had exsperience with multi grafted apple trees?

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goyo626 S.Cal.8b/SZ20

I have a 4-in-1 apple (anna, golden dorsett, gordon, and fuji) and the tree is not equally vigorous. Anna and golden dorsett grow way faster than the other two. Tbh the other two trees leafed out about 4 months after anna and golden dorsett. Red delicious variety is not a great apple imo. There are far better tasting apples out there. If you are trying to get a 2-in-1 apple simply because of space, I would instead do a multiple planting check out dave wilson nursery youtube page on multiple planting and pruning trees for a backyard orchard.

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It is not due to space. Just wanted to try out a double grafted apple. I will look into other varietys. I am new to growing fruit trees i have a peach and pear tree. I will look into different varietys of apples. Thanks for the info

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My first apple tree was a 3 in 1 (Golden Delicious, Melrose and Summerred). I knew nothing about growing fruit tree then.

I let it grow and found out after a few years that GD was a lot more vigorous than the other two. The graft took over resulting in the tree being lopesided. The other two did not do well.

Things you need to know is how vigorous each graft is and how to prune each to keep the tree balanced. Knowing its rootstock is helpful, too.

I would not mind having a multi-grafted tree now but not when I knew nothing about it.

I personally do not like close planting the way Dave Wilson suggests. This topic has been discussed over and over. There are proponents and opponents to it. If you search this forum, you'll learn a lot more about it and many other things concerning growing fruit trees.

This forum is really helpful to me and contributors are great.

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