Has anyone tried...

VivVarble(8B)February 10, 2014

I'm fairly new to gardening but I've found oodles of helpful information here. I was trying to use the search engine on here to see if anyone has grown strawberries in the canvas shoe organizers? I didn't find any previous posts so I thought I'd ask. I'd like to know if someone has tried it,does it work well, what kind of soil was used and how they kept the birds from getting at them? Any feedback is appreciated, thanks so much!

Southeast Texas

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If anybody does it,it's this guy,MisterK,in the accompanying link as posted in the Container Gardening Forum.
Scroll down though and see the rain gutter setup he made for Strawberries.Maybe they needed a bigger space.Although in one photo,those could be Strawberry plants,in the background of the Tomato shot. Brady

Here is a link that might be useful: Verticle Gardening

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Brady, thanks very much. I'll check it out.


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Do not hang them on the side of a white house, or fence , too much heat and they will burn.

For birds you need the netting or Tulle fabric.

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Just a heads up. In Ohio, I would have to water those at least once a day. I would guess they will need even more water in Texas.

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Fair point Isoh, and thanks Scioto. I'll have to think about them.


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Don't let the water stop you, it's just something to consider. Clearly, this approach has plus sides too.
1) great use of vertical space for those of us with limited garden space.
2) Minimal stooping.

I am forced to grow most of my fruit in pots. I must water every day except for dormant season. The real problem for me is that I must get someone to water while I'm gone. But for me, it is worth it. Just wanted you to be able to factor in the water problem.

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