Peach Tree Scaffolds

blueboy1977(TX9A/B)February 11, 2013

I have a tropic snow peach tree I put in a 25 gallon pot and have a few questions. I will post a few picks so you can see what I'm talking about. When I bought the tree it was long whip with several branches. In mid jan after potting up to 25gallon I cut the whip and left 5 branches with several buds so I could get a few peaches this spring. Problem is one side of the tree doesn't have any branches on it. There is branch on that side that was cut before I purchased it and it's in a perfect spot to have a scaffold. Where that branch was flush with the main stalk it's sending out 2 leaf nodes on either side of the cut branch. Will these leaf nodes turn into scaffold branches? Here's the pic.

Here's another pic of where they fit onto the tree

I will prune out the 2 lower branches in that pic and go with 4 scaffolds. Or I could just go with 3 scaffolds but one of them needs to be where those 2 leaf nodes are sprouting for it to be even. What should I do? The first branch is 3 ft from the potting soil and I was even thinking about topping the plant 1 ft above the potting soil to start over and it would also control the height a little bit better. What to do???

Here are a few other pics of the tree to give you a better idea
This is the tree when I bought it.

Here it is after prunning after potting up

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Those two sprouts will make fine scaffolds. I'd probably let them both grow but have often removed one. The advantage of two is it would give more options down the road if/when you need to do some renewal pruning.

Other than that the tree looks fine in it's current form. I've just grown mine as bushes. No need for an open vase or any other special shape. The trees in a pot don't get big enough to worry about shape or shading.

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Cool, thanks for the info Fruitnut. How big would you expect a peach to get in a 25 gallon pot?

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