Arboreum shipment arrived

Voyage034(USDA 10a Sunset 23)February 19, 2014

Just got home and found a present waiting for me! Box seemed small for 6 trees. I excitedly opened the box and found only 3 trees. Seems the 3 Cristobalinas I ordered were out of stock. When I ordered them the site said they had 20 or 30 of them so I am quite disappointed at this. I just hope it was a problem with nursery stock failing, and not filling orders out of the order they were received.

The 3 trees that did come are all in excellent shape and have tons of roots. I would definitely order from them again even with the disappointment on the cherries.

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Last year they sent me a refund in the spring informing me that the Jefferson plums I ordered had failed and told me where I might find some. In 2012 I got a Cambridge Gage and a Green Gage. They were really healthy trees and are doing really well for me now. I'd like to order more trees from them, but they only had one Euro Plum variety available this year. I think they have pretty high standards and if the trees aren't good enough they won't send them out. I know that this is the first year for their user friendly website, maybe there were some glitches with the "quantity available" feature.

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Voyage034(USDA 10a Sunset 23)

I hadn't considered a website glitch, that's a good point. How did they refund you? I need to contact them since I have not received anything yet.

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Those were the only trees I ordered that year, so they just sent me my whole check back uncashed. I think this is the first year they've accepted credit card payments. Maybe they only charged your card for the 3 trees.

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