Fuyu Persimmon rooting but no leaves

Levar(10b)February 3, 2014

Hi, I'm from Miami, FL (10b) and I got a young, 3 foot Fuyu tree last year, and planted it in the ground during May (I think.) There's been no growth at all. I just want to explain whats going on to see whether my tree is acting normally.

During December and January, the leaves slowly turned red and fell off. The temperature dropped to roughly 43F on and off for about two weeks, but it consistently went back up into the high 50s - low 70s during the day.

I scratched the bark around the tips of the branches and it's green underneath, so the tree is still alive. Still, I was worried that the intense Miami sun might be too much for a Fuyu so I thought of moving the tree to a cooler part of the yard.

I stopped digging when I realized it has developed a massive black root that's grown out at least a good 6 feet from the trunk. I didn't dig too much to find out more, but the roots are almost as thick as the trunk itself and there might be other large ones growing in different directions.

Still no buds and no leaves, though. I'm reading that young persimmons can be unpredictable, but has anyone experienced anything like this? What should I look out for?

Also, I'm not sure if expecting good fruit from a Fuyu in 10b is just wishful thinking. I'm not sure whether it accumulated enough chill hours.


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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Persimmon leaf out late no matter where grown. So even in your location this seems early for growth. Give it until it no longer passes the scratch test.

You may well not get enough chilling. Only time will tell.

It won't hurt to move it now. But persimmon are well adapted to sun and heat. If anything does it in it's more likely the lack of chilling, not heat.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I agree with fruitnut. Our Fuyu is dormant now, and although the peaches, apricots and apples have blossoms and are leafing out, the Fuyu is still dormant.

Hope this works out for you!

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