Blueberry fertilizer options

riverman1February 14, 2013

Guys, I recently had a ph test done on about 6 of my 20 plants and the ph ranged from a low of 3.8 to a high of 5.0. I have used ammonium sulf in the past but given the low ph numbers I am seeing I think it would best to try something else this spring. I was thinking about a general purpose fertilizer like miracle grow but wondered what others might think.



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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Don't use anything loaded up with nitrates. I've read that Urea is good and doesn't lower the pH like ammonium sulfate.

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I remember one of your posts last year about Fish/Kelp/Molasses.That shouldn't do too much at all to the pH. Brady

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I am using Schultz's Plant Food, acidic formula, mixed at one tablespoon per 4 gallons of water, 4 applications per shrub per year, in March, April, May, & June, on each of our blueberry shrubs. This is a minimal amount, enough to feed the flowers and stimulate woody growth. Our shrubs are healthy & productive, but I am not seeing commercial yield level.

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Another option that is cheap and easy to apply is cottonseed meal. I got a 40 lb. bag at a feed and seed store for around 25 dollars. I threw a few hand fulls on my 2 year old plants and they really perked up. Besides being cheap, cottonseed meal organic, slow release, will not burn the plants.

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