Scion Storage

bucky130February 10, 2014

My wife and I are having a baby in April so im trying to get everything in the orchard done for spring. I want to get all of my pruning and scion collection done as soon as I can. I want to top work a few French cider trees I bought a few years ago when I was making wine and going to make hard cider. My question. Could I collect my scions now. Wrap in some damp paper towels and vacuum seal them? I figure the lack of air would prevent mold and drying out. Anyone tried with success?

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They probably won't even need to be vacuum sealed.A lot of people wrap them in damp paper towels or newspaper and then plastic wrap or a baggie.
I saw one person dip the ends first in grafting sealer.
And then store at 35F-40F. Brady

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alan haigh

I wouldn't put the damp rag around the scions. Better to wrap scions with stretch wrap, put in a zip-lock and then in another plastic bag containing the moist rag. There is a danger of fungus if wood gets too moist.

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