Most Productive Grape Variety?

greenthumbzdudeFebruary 18, 2013

I am in the process of building an arbor and would like a grape that is very productive and disease resistant. I dont want to spray it with insecticide either. Anything available?

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Here in York County the only luck I've had getting grapes without spray is with Concord varieties. I get lots of grapes good for eating and spitting the seeds. Without spray, seedless grapes of all kinds are rotted by the end of July. I planted green seedless, red seedless and rarely ate more than a handful per year. The Concords are native, maybe that makes the difference.

One variety of wine grapes does make enough for me and the 100s of birds that eat them, Foch. They are tiny, flavorful and seedy, but make good eating while I'm working outside.

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I have found Worden to be an excellent producer, it's very similar to concord, but ripens earlier and bears better for me

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