Goji Berries, where to buy seeds?

M3rc_Nate(Eight, Pacific NW)February 26, 2014

Hey, so this is my second year gardening, last year i did a LOT of things with my raised bed, mothers garden, pots, EarthBoxes, and more. This year I am looking to do the same but also grow a few new things, one thing I found that sounds delicious and easy to do are Goji Berries.

Now I know where i can buy the 1 year old root-stocks, and I will buy at least one to have the advantage of a year old plant and possible berries this season. But considering seeds are typically so much cheaper, and fun to grow from, I was hoping to get Goji Seeds to plant in containers to start from seed myself. However I can not find anywhere that looks reputable that sells them.

These are the two places that I know sell the Goji Berry root-stock: http://www.territorialseed.com/product/6863 and http://www.burpee.com/fruit-plants/specialty-fruits/goji-berry-sweet-lifeberry-ppaf-prod003379.html?catId=2237&trail=#null

They however dont sell Goji Seeds. Do any of you know where I can buy some Goji seeds?

(Btw i only need like 10-20, not like 1,000 or something)

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Try searching under one of the species names: Lycium barbarum or Lycium chinense.

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M3rc_Nate(Eight, Pacific NW)

Did that using Google and found this site, seems to look reputable: http://www.plant-world-seeds.com/store/view_seed_item/1894?itemname=GOJI+BERRY

What do you guys/gals think?

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

From what I've heard and seen,the seeds can be taken from the fruit and planted.If there is something like a Wholefoods Market,PCC or health food store near your location,they should have the Goji berries in the bulk section. Brady

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Harvest Fresh Goji Berries and get FREE Seeds

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If you have an asian supermarket in your area they will have dried goji berries. Those seeds will grow.

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Link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Goji Berry Seeds

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lunar_owl(7a / Long Island)

The plant-world-seeds site is a uk company so shipping might be a hassle.

If you have trouble finding any seeds, contact me in the summer - I bought a goji plant "Sweet Lifeberry" last year and I can send some of the seeds/berries to you.

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I bought seeds from Horizon Herbs a few years back and they look just like dried berries. I would buy a few berries from the bulk section of the grocery as other posters suggested. The seeds I planted never grew (probably my fault) so I bought two plants, one monrovia branded plant which is shrubby and one non-labeled plant that looks more like a classic goji. The non-labeled plant was actually 5 plants. I separated the shoots and now have three large plants and three small, which is four more plants than I need. (If anyone in Pasadena, CA wants a little goji berry, send me a message!)

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M3rc_Nate(Eight, Pacific NW)

Wow thanks for all the advice and help guys! (especially the offer and site)

So I bought a Goji plant (1yr) from Burpee (SweetLife Berry) and also one from Territorial-Seed (Crimson Star). However i am still interested in growing some from seed. I will check our local "Central Market" for Goji, im guessing they are fresh and plump in the Summer but around now i would only find dried goji berries (if i find a place that sells them)?

Im assuming the seeds are still able to grow into plants when the seed has been dried?

UPDATE: I bought the seeds from the site recommended here, $4 free shipping no tax for 20 seeds? Sure that will work. Lol. But im still curious about what i asked in this post.

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I bought a bag of dried goji from an asian supermarket and the seed grew fine.

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When you grow from seeds is there a special mix of soil you use?

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I bought several Goji plants from Michigan Bulb and they had very good root systems.
They are in their second year and were six inches tall when I got them and are 3 and 4ft tall and doing very well.
They put them on sale quiet often and are their best selling fruit.

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I actually just started growing my own goji berry from seeds. I got the seeds right off the dried fruit that's selling at Whole Foods at $16.99/lb

From two small dried fruits I ended up with 45 or so seeds. I germinated about 6 of them about two weeks ago and now all of them have come up! I was very surprised but they are looking strong ^_^

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aphahn(6a CO)

JL Hudson has seeds of a couple species, one of which is native to the south west.
I got the seeds I'm growing from dried fruit I bought at the store. Simply soak the dried fruit in water and let them ferment a little, like you would with tomato seed.

Here is a link that might be useful: JL Hudson

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raymondo17(z9 Sacramento)

I have two blueberry bushes in half whiskey barrels, sitting side by side -- an O'Neal and a Reveille. For the last few seasons, the O'Neal has thrived while the Reville has produced a disappointingly small blueberry harvest. This year it appears the trend continues. (See photo.)

Should I abandon hope on the Reveille? If not, what steps could I take to try and rejuvenate the plant? If so, when's the best time to start with a new blueberry plant?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I believe the key to getting viable seed is to take them from a berry which has not been subject to high temps. That's why many of the people who try to get seeds from commercial food stock berries fail (I tried it once and got 0% germination).

If you can find fresh berries, or a dried source that did not use high temps, then it should work fine.

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Bradybb WA-Zone8

More people might be able to help if your questions were started as a new and separate post.

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raymondo17(z9 Sacramento)

Sorry about the blueberry post here. Not sure exactly how I got it inserted in the middle of the Goji Berry thread. :(

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billhoo(7 va)

When going through the asian market or whole foods, make sure to squeeze the bag a little.

I find Goji from fruit that are dried hard as a rock may not be as viable.

If the fruit is leathery and chewy, they have a good chance of growing.

I soaked one fruit in lukewarm water for a few hours. The ripped it open with my fingernail.

Carefully scrape the seedonto a napkin.

I cut a few one inch squares of paper towel and moistened them with tap water. Put the paper squares in a clean, takeout salad container from Wendy's or other such tray.

Using the tip of a knife, I put one seed on each square of paper. REASON: When they sprout their roots are sensitive, so you don't want to risk damaging them by separating them from the paper.

Two weeks later, I had some nice seedlings and transplanted them into containers by simply picking up the squares of paper towel and planting them in the dirt.

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I have bought Goji berry plants from Michigan Bulb.
They were in very good condition and were approx. 6 inches high.
This is their second year and they are 3 feet tall and producing berries.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA(5)

Has anyone grown the seed from a supermarket-purchased Goji Berry and it beared fruit on their plant? I've heard with other store-bought fruits that if you plant the seeds from it, the plant won't bear fruit because of the seed being sterile. Does this hold true for these? Just curious. I'm growing some Goji right now from seed I purchased, and I see others have germinated their seeds from seeds they purchased from store-bought Goji, but has anyone gotten fruit from those plants yet?

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