How long can a bare root blueberry stay in it's packaging?

olivesmom(7b)February 2, 2013

I was at Costco today purchasing, among other things, a flat of primroses when I spotted bare root blueberry plants. I picked up two, which was actually four plants because there are two plants per package. Spartan, legacy, Darrow and chandler are the varieties I got.

My plan was to plant the blueberries in a large galvanized watering trough as we will be moving in a couple of years, plus I have limited gardening space. The thing is though, I won't be buying the watering trough or the soil (having a lot of soil delivered when I construct my raised beds) for another month or two.

Can I leave the blueberry plants in their packaging? It looks like they are in sawdust wrapped in a plastic bag? Should I just set them out on the patio? They will get a lot of rain there.

I probably should have waited to buy them, but things don't stick around at Costco for long and I figured the price ($11.99 for two plants) was a good deal.

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They should be okay as long as the roots are moist.It is still fairly cool here and will probably stay that way for a month or two or three.
How large is the watering trough?Those varieties can get big and need at least three feet between each other.
Spartan and Darrow are two of my favorites,like fine wine.I planted a Legacy last year and had a few berries,very nice.Chandler berries will be big and sweet. Brady

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I'm planning on an oblong trough that's 2x2x4, with maybe 2-3 blueberry plants per trough. There is also a 2x2x6. I haven't been to the store yet though, just online.

We will be moving in three years or less, so would it be so bad to plant them a little closer now and then upon moving replant with more space (ideally in the ground)?

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Yes that may work.

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

The plants would be crammed if you use the troughs you've suggested which would stunt the plants growth overall. Then, when you put them in the ground, they would have to recover before they could begin to grow.

I suggest you do yourself a favor. "gift" those plants to someone then wait until you move to obtain more which will go directly into the ground.

Here's some info about growing blueberries successfully:

Here is a link that might be useful: growing blueberries

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