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oakleif(z6 AR)January 18, 2009

Dear eric, After mixed reviews on Hot Topics i am a changed person.

First i want to give you my sympathy for your Bells Palsy. I am really sorry and i hope you no longer have it and that it does'nt hurt any.

I apologise for undermining your wisdom. I'm sure you are a very smart man. You have been here a long time. Wether i agree with you or not is beside the point. i suspect you like me injoy giving what advise you can to leave behind. Sometimes i hate the stroke that took so many of my words. Oh well, we can't have everything, Can we?

I have used the American Health care system in my younger years. Dieing before long at age 69 with nothing to lose i prefer using herbs. I have had a good life and since i lost my husband of 50 yrs. Death is very welcome. I have many intrests to keep me busy. Many people i know and love and a pacel(SP) of doting nephews and a couple of daughters. I am proud of my acclomplishments as i'm sure you are also of yours eric.

I have not changed my feelings for the 37th ranked American Health Care System. However we now have hope as President Obama has already said He will immediately begin to improve health care along with the economy. Eric this has to be a good thing. And every single one of us are expected to do our part. Are you willing to help put The US health care system #1 in the world. I am. I can't be an EMT anymore but i can write to anyone who can read about how things can be changed. I know you can too, much more eloquently than i can. I also can insist that herbalism be brought into the mainstream of medicine. Be researched,but never put into pill form. We have to reach back to our history as well as to our future to be a whole. There is surely room for both untill we can finally merge into one.

Hope you have a nice day tomorrow.

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First of all, I hope that you will have many years left, in as good health as possible with whatever type of care you choose.

I've never felt insecure because you or anyone was "undermining my wisdom". If I'm wrong about something and can be shown it with evidence, that's a good thing. I've learned quite a bit about herbal remedies, good and bad over the years I've spent in this forum. A key is to respect each other enough to confine disagreements to the topic at hand, and not look at someone shooting down an idea as taking aim at you personally.

About the Bell's palsy, thanks - that's not troubling me any more (it's a temporary condition for all but an unfortunate minority).

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