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dcanupJanuary 30, 2008

I found a list that as far as I can tell it is a good list that backs down herbs into different categories depending on what type of medical effect that they provide. Be warned that there are so many typos that it is not even funny...but since it was pulled from a book I would imagine that the person that copied the list did not use spell check. If the book had this many typos I would say that the list is not a good source.


Here is a second list that gives different medical effects that herbs can have. This list is from a pdf handout from 7song, though this list does not tell and herbs that fit into the categories.


Does anyone know of any really good list list this or of a "must have" book that does the same thing. I am not looking for a list that list the herb then gives its properties but I am looking for one that gives the properties then list the herbs.

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I don't know of any books that do herbs the way you state. There are reasons for this. The first is that many herbs work to do things synergistically with other herbs; just listing them by themselves can be misleading. The second is that herbs have properties that work for some body constitutions and not others. The third is that herbs work for some symptoms but the reason you have a symptom might not be what that herb is best used for. Many books give lists of herbs for problems; Lust's herbal gives lists of herbs for different problems in the front of the book. Peter Holmes "Energetics of Western Herbs" gives properties of herbs with the herbs and lets you look them up in the back that way; most herbals do this. Several books on Chinese formulas let you look up the herbs by the formulas they are in that take care of, say, damp, cold, heat, etc. You wouls have to think of the herbs in different ways than you probably do at present, however. And as I said, these are formulas of several herbs.

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