Options to Address Fruit Tree Borers

PECANDONFebruary 4, 2014

First post to Garden Web Fruit & Orchard Forum.

I have 300+ tree orchard in Central Virginia. Mixed fruit trees and pecans. Year #4, so no harvest yet.

I'm putting together the spray schedule for 2014 and I'm struggling to find a solution for borers. (Minimal borer damage...thus far) The literature says Lorsban or Thionex....but it also appears that they have been taken off the market or are retricted use. Moth balls are dissed by all the experts. I've used neem the last few years, but if you read Michael Phillips, you can never spray enough neem.

I'm not organic, but neither do I want to get a pesticide license.

Has anyone got a good solution for borers between organic and restricted spray use? (What & When)


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Scott F Smith(6B/7A MD)

Hi Don, welcome aboard.

I have heard that tangle trap applied liberally to the tree bases will make it impossible for the moths to land to lay eggs, and even if they succeed the tiny babies will be stuck in the goo. I have not tried this myself but next spring I am going to give it a go. My current method is I look for frass at the tree base and dig out the borer with a knife if I see it. Its a lot of work and not completely reliable. If you have enough trees you may be able to buy mating disruption lures and make some progress with them. But that route can be expensive.


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I only have about 30 trees, but I've had good results with
Traizicide. The usual application for peach trees here is the first of August, unless some varieties are still fruiting, then directly after harvest. You can usually spray the lower branches and the trunk, where most borers are likely to attack, without contacting the fruit.
Some growers will also do a spring application, while they spray for plum curculio and OFM. Triazicide will kill all three. But vigilance is key. With 300+ trees, you've got a job on your hands.

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Thanks for the responses... I'll definately research both to see how they might apply. Yes, 300 trees can be a pain....not enough to justify an airblast....but too many to continue with the hand pump. This year's New Year's resolution is to purchase a 25 gallon tank with electric sprayer to pull behind a lawn tractor.

Thanks again for the info. I'm liking how well this forum works.... now to consider if I should post any of my other "challenges."


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