Rose Hip tea using dried hips

sungrasses(Z9, Central FL)January 2, 2004

Can I make Rose Hip Tea using dried rose hips? If I can, how do I do it?



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When I was younger I'd tried to peel them, then I gave up and just stuck a bunch in a tea ball, you probably want to try to deseed them, but if so, do it before they dry! :o)

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canttype(0b (Cold North))

Of course you can! They are dried when you buy Rosehip tea in the store!
Try chopping up a small hand full and put the in your tea pot. Add boiling water and steep 6 or 7 min. Strain if you deem it needed and enjoy!
Make a tea blend ... Like Red Zinger. add lemon peel. ginger, peppermint... what ever you like and be creative:-)

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

If you are using 'dog rose' hips for their vitamin C content, it helps to stew them first and drain off the liquid because there are lots of little hairs around the seeds. Strain it through a fine mesh - a bit tighter than for flour. (Proceed as if you are going to make either rose hip syrup or jelly. About the same quantity of water.)

You could probably use R rugosa hips also. They're far less fiddly to skin and clean! A peaceful job for by the fire in mid- to late autumn.

Catch them while they're still fleshy and before they 'mummify' on the bush over winter.

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Unfortunately, ascorbic acid is destroyed in water and in heat. If you want that from the rosehips, you have to eat them raw. The best time to eat them is after a hard frost. They are soft then. You pop them into your mouth and suck off the red pulp.

Rose hips have other ingredients beside ascorbic acid which are good for your health, though. No, you don't have to get rid of the seeds, if you dry the broken hips for tea. A sieve will do that for you.

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Anyone ever make rose hip jam/jelly?

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I have not made rose hip jam/jelly but I purchase rose petal jam from several of the mediterian grocery stores. On special ocasions my regular store has it.

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To make rosehip jam, make a decoction of the hips and a strong infusion of the flowers. Strain plant matter & measure out the corresponding amount of sugar (or 1/2 honey/half sugar) and pectin to your liquid. Bring all to a boil & process as usual. This is a very pretty pink color, delicious on scones & an unsual, "softening" compliment to gamey birds or meats.
If you don't like using powdered/liquid pectin, you can make a strong apple juice (lots of skin & cores) to blend with the teas, but your jelly won't be as firm.

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Thank you Simple Mary! My neighbor has a beautiful plant with huge rosehips that she doesn't use and said I can! I'd love to make her some jam from her bush!

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