Damiana - who's tried it?

Hapslappy(Mi z5b)January 21, 2005

Hi again guys, Does anyone have anything positive to say about Damiana from thier own experience? Especially for hormone-balance related problems (breast/ovary cysts) & libido issues? I am still young, but my body is really having response problems and majorly delayed reactions. It's like I really WANT to be in-the-mood, but CAN'T be. UGH, I just want to feel normal again. I really don't need any lectures on what my problem "could be", but just want to know if Damiana is worth spending money on. Thanks for any thoughts, Shannon

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I tried it like 15 years ago... if I remember correctly, it worked for me... BUT that was me, and I didn't really have a libido problem, I was just checking it out. Didn't do anything for my PCOS....

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Hapslappy(Mi z5b)

Thanks Heathen, I do understand that no herb will have the same effect on everyone, but am glad to hear of any experiences. I just found out that women have had some success with progesterone cream for both cysts & libido. My bro-in-law is a chiropractor & has progesterone cream (plant based) and I'm thinking of trying it out soon, although it may be months before noticing a change.

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You might be interested in this thread.

Damiana promotion has had a long and somewhat lurid past. The herb was once touted as providing a natural high akin to marijuana. It's also been claimed to relieve a variety of conditions (without any significant research validation); more recently it's been showing up as an ingredient in penile enlargement scam products.

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HAve you thought of adding more estrogen related food into your diet.

soy milk
those are the two that come to mind, to help balance out some of the hormone issues?

errrrrrr... umm have you talked to your obgyn about these issues?

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Hapslappy(Mi z5b)

I believe I already have too much estrogen. Dang, are you telling me chocolate is contributing? Arrrg, & I've been avoiding beef & pork (& having more soy :0)to avoid extra estrogen. It seems to be in everything I like! This is way more confusing than I thought! Shannon

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Herbalynn(Oregon, 7-8)

I went thru a stint of Damiana use a s teen. Made me even more hyper than usual. Now it seems to make me jittery. For libido issues, I'd suggest Maca or Schizandra berries, but do some research, to make sure those herbs would agree with your personal chemisty.
Enjoy! Lynn
PS- for mastitis, and other breast issues, poke root oil and Black elderberry leaf oil made into salve is great. Just be careful if breastfeeding

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I was waiting for the female patch! :o) My BF was AFRAID! :oD But of course that didn't pass the FDA... don't want a bunch of randy women running around! Testosterone is the best for raising the libido... estrogen is kinda a downer...
I solved most of my PCOS problems by becoming a middle distance runner...because 20 years ago, before it got the name PCOS, they told me they either would have to stick me on the Pill (which gave me migraines) or I would have to exercise it away.... which I did.

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Herbalynn(Oregon, 7-8)

Just wanted to put in, since I didn't know what PCOS was, I looked it up. It is "polycystic ovarian syndrome". I have no information to add to this thread though :o) Lynn

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Just something that might be of interest to note.. there are certain experts who believe soy will kill your libido and who also tout that its not good for your bones either unless fermented and altered by microorganisms. Tofu is not fermented. check this.

I have had damiana, and i found it to be a little harsh on the tummy. i get a little ache. I notice it does slightly improve mood, but be aware, its a MAO inhibitor, you cannot mix it near or with any tryptophan, tyrosine or levodopa foods and more. Learn about MAO herbs/drugs and there contra indications. I have had goat weed too, they do about the same for me. I am hearing good stuff about maca. I will try this in a few days. It is a hormone balancer and aphrod. and it is not a MAO so there are no contraindications. Maybe i can give up coffee.! :-)

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The "experts" who can be found around the Internet railing against soy-based foods are really only "expert" in distorting and cherry-picking data, while ignoring vast amounts of research and experience that back the safety and nutritional value of soy. Many of them support other types of health quackery.

Here's a site that explodes myths about soy-containing foods.

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oakleif(z6 AR)

ERIC! How come a doctor( A pediactric specialist) put my baby on soy milk years ago and pediatrists are still doing so. Get a life and a degree eric.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

The entire content of Eric's post was saying that Soy is safe and healthy, read it again.

Also a Podiatrist is a foot doctor, and Pediatrician is a doctor who treats children, you seem to have smashed the two together.

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