silversword(9A)January 26, 2009

I was just talking with a friend who said he went to a American Cancer Society cooking class 'cooking cancer free foods' and they recommended not to eat avocado, but to eat an artificial avocado replacement. He couldn't remember what the replacement was, but it got me to thinking... how many people really think avocados are bad for them?

I personally think avos are one of nature's perfect foods and eat them often.


Here is a link that might be useful: Avocado

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Was there a specific reason the American Cancer Society class was recommending against avocados? Could it be that there might be interference with certain anticancer drugs?
Avocados do potentially alter the effects of some drugs like warfarin (used to prevent blood clots) and isoniazid.

As far as nutrition goes, avocados are somewhat high in calories compared to other fruits and vegetables, though OK if you don't overdo it (there is a low-fat avocado on the market which I think tastes like crap). I question whether they're any more nutritious than many other fruits.

Here's a good site that discusses possible food-drug interactions.

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No, it had nothing to do with drug interference. It had to do with using foods to fight cancer. They had avocados on the list of "bad" foods to eat.

Since I wasn't there I can't give any more specific information.

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It could have just been a generalized, fairly noninformed bias against anything with fats.

I've been eating one a day lately; hope your source is correct and it will not help me gain weight.


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The most recent info I've read said that avocados are part of a healthy diet with good fat, minerals, vits. And no, I don't have a link to give anyone! ;-)

I wouldn't believe anything the American Cancer Society said as there are way too many vested interests involved with that organization. Just call me paranoid if you like.

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This is probably one of those things like when you go to a weight loss class and they tell you not to drink tea. If you ask about herbal teas using the name of the herb, Thyme, they tell you do not use. But then the state you can use as many herbs as you like.

The class reader was not flexible enough or the handouts were not written correctly.

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I pretty much dismissed everything he told me about the class, as did he. I was just really surprised that avocados would still be getting a bad rap. From what I've read the fats are so good in avocados, and the nutrients so high, that they can actually help a person to maintain a steady weight or lose weight rather than putting weight on a person.

And I'm super curious about what they meant by avocado substitute. According to the guy who went to the class it was like avocado but not made of avocado. Unfortunately he tuned out because he didn't think they were giving good information and couldn't remember any more. I just couldn't see how eating substitute avocado would be any better than the real thing.

I agree with you Luckygal, the ACS is not the first place I'd go to get information on health!

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