jewelweed;touch-me-not(impatiens capensis)(I. paiilda)

lady_6(z6 KY)January 22, 2009

My question is if you gather these freeze or make a tea of them and freeze, will they still stop the itch of poison- ivy?

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I know a lot of people who freeze jewelweed blended with water and say they have good luck with it in that form.

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lady_6(z6 KY)

That may be what I do, wanting to gather some this year and take to my girls in Ga.

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I have seeds now if you would like any.

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lady_6(z6 KY)

I would like to do a sase for some of your seeds. Thanks

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Hi. You can also dry jewelweed-- I. capensis seems to work better this way than I. palida. That way you'll have it when you least expect to need it. For fresh plant or dried, I simmer the herb (a two-handed handful for fresh, a good palmful of dried) in about 2 quarts water for about 20 minutes, then cool & freeze the tea in cubes, but I also throw it in a spray bottle & keep it in the fridge, & it feels soooo good.

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