For Herbalistic.... Update?

silversword(9A)January 26, 2009

Hi Herbalistic,

I'm just wondering if you have an update on your mom's MRSA condition? Did you try a cleanse with her? Did it help?

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If we're starting Vol. II of this thread, here's an interesting article in the Science section of today's New York Times, in which Jane Brody asks the question, "Is Dirt Good For You"? Tangentially relevant to the topic of MRSA, more so to hygiene and avoidance of germs.

"Dr. Ruebush, the "Why Dirt Is Good" author, does not suggest a return to filth, either. But she correctly points out that bacteria are everywhere: on us, in us and all around us. Most of these micro-organisms cause no problem, and many, like the ones that normally live in the digestive tract and produce life-sustaining nutrients, are essential to good health.

"The typical human probably harbors some 90 trillion microbes," she wrote. "The very fact that you have so many microbes of so many different kinds is what keeps you healthy most of the time."

Dr. Ruebush deplores the current fetish for the hundreds of antibacterial products that convey a false sense of security and may actually foster the development of antibiotic-resistant, disease-causing bacteria. Plain soap and water are all that are needed to become clean, she noted."

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Hi Eric,
Nope, this isn't a Vol. II of any thread. I thought Herbalistic might not want to participate on the other thread since it got so far from the original question.

That's why I posted a separate thread.

Were I interested in debating dirt and germs I would have posted a thread specifically for that purpose.

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