Electric chipper shredders opinions?

RichinRichmond(7a)February 8, 2013

My home orchard is now generating enough sticks that I need a chipper/shredder. I would like an electric model, since I'm cheap and don't have a much garage space to store it. I have looked at several models on the internet. The three best I have seen so far (on Amazon) are Sun Joe Chipper Joe, LawnMaster FD1501, and Greenworks 15 amp. Reviews are mixed but generally positive. Does anyone have an opinion on any of these models? Any other suggestions or vendors to consider?

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olpea(zone 6 KS)

Save your money and don't buy one of these electric chippers. If you think about it, it takes a lot of hp to shred wood. You just can't generate enough horsepower from a 120V 20A circuit.

Below is an old thread that catalogs my experience with one of these models.

Keeping the blades sharp helps a little but not all that much, they are still worthless.

I threw mine in the scrap pile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electric Wood Chipper

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Thanks, Olpea.
Sounds discouraging.
Now I guess I will have to figure out how to ditch the sticks in the woods without my nosy neighbors complaining...

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I have the one from Harbor Freight. I used it twice in the season I bought it. For what it is, it does a good job on material just over an inch in diameter or smaller. It just takes some time. If I didn't have anything else to do, I find it almost relaxing and satisfying.

It makes fine chips that break down pretty quickly compared to the much coarser stuff from the tree pruning services.

If you are in a suburban environment with a handful of trees and would otherwise have to pay to dispose of your trimmings, it could be very useful, especially if you have uses for the chips as mulch or for compost.

If you are set up where you could keep it near an electric outlet that is close to where you plan to use and are pruning a few trees at a time you might like it.

But if you have to unbury it from your garage/shed, find an extension cord (12 gauge) wind it out, get a tarp, drag the limbs over, lop off the parts that are under 1.5" and saw up the rest, etc... you'll probably find that you don't use it much.

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I've had one for five years now (Harbor Freight) and have put huge piles of trimmings through it. It works good on trees that have a lot of suckers, like Walnut, Mulberry, apple, etc. The long, 1" branches get eaten up to a satisfying small pile. It saves weeks of cutting up branches to fit in our green waste dumpster. No engine to maintain and starts every time, for our 100-tree orchard it works just fine. Larger branches get cut up for firewood.

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Konrad___far_north(3..just outside of Edmonton)

If you have a bit of room like me,..I just keep tossing them on the same piles over the last 25 years, the piles keep shrinking and by now there must be a foot or more of rotten wood on the bottom.

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GreenOrchardMom(Ga Mts 7)

Is there a tool rental shop near you?
We have them down here but I rented mine from a friend before the holidays.
Rather give a buddy the cash.
You are right. Shopping for an electric chipper is so discouraging
The reviews were really lame when I shopped last fall
my experience buying a large electrical tool from amazon or lowes
like both my electric lawnmowers that bailed
is its loads easier to return local

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I tried one once [forget the make], put it together, and it wouldn't run. I called customer service, who offered some suggestions that didn't work. The guy told me the machines often just didn't work. I shipped it back.

Still want a chipper.

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I'd never go w/an electric one. I have a gas-powered one from Sears and like it. However, all my fruit wood trimmings go in my smoker or my grill--or I sell it.

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I agree that an electric chipper/shredder is not strong enough. I had one and got rid of it after one season and bought a gas powered one from Home Depot that could chip limbs about 1.5 inches in diameter. This was about 12-15 years ago and the cost was about $675.00. Worked great, but I only used it about 5 times and it has sat dormant for several years. I cut my larger trees down and now have the chipper but no real use for it.

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