strawberries in concrete blocks

jimfnc(7aNC)February 9, 2012

I am building a raised bed with concrete blocks. Inside the bed will be vegatables. Can I grow strawberries in the opening of the concrete blocks - is there enough room for good plant growth? Have seen lots of growing lettuce, onions, garlic in concrete blocks - but strawberries?

Very limited sunshine space & trying to maximize. Other option is a vertical planter of berries.

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Sounds like a good idea. Strawberries are shallow rooted so you should be fine. Sounds like a good idea to snack on some strawberries while you're working in the raised bed!

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I tried the blocks and they did very well for a few years. There were two problems that i did run into. One was they dried out fast especially in the heat of summer. So I kept the soil moist buy watering twice a day, morning and night. The other problem showed up after the winter of the third year. The blocks started to crack up and fall apart. The strawberry plants, roots and frost just blew-up the blocks from the inside out. good luck with yours. I used earilglow plants.

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I grew strawberries in the holes of cinder blocks last year too. The ones that were in shade made it through the summer, but the ones in full sun died in the summer heat. However, I would venture to guess you won't be going through a summer nearly as bad as ours was last year - record drought and record heat down here in Houston. I think oversummering strawberries in Houston is a little tough, even in a normal year. So anyhow, I'd actually say that the cinder block holes worked pretty well.

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I have grown a variety of things in concrete block holes. Agree with the above that it works, but they dry out incredibly fast. You will need to water them a LOT.

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