silversword(9A)January 27, 2009

Have you had herbs work for your allergies?

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I find that for my late summer allergies goldenrod works. I use any of the ones available by picking one or two of the leaves and chewing. I am sorry that I do not know the scientific name of the 6+ feet tall one that I use most often. Depending where I am at I use whatever goldenrod is available in that area.

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Hi Eric,
I'm not wondering about specific cures for any allergy, just what has worked for people for their allergies. I didn't want to hijack that thread which was a personal issue with mine, which is a more general issue. But thank you!

Hi Maifleur,
I've heard of goldenrod causing allergies, but never being effective against them! A little 'hair of the dog' perhaps? That's a really interesting idea.

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It works for me. The stronger rosen tasteing seems to do best. I have used in teas but easier to grab a leaf or two as I headed out the door to go to work.

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Goldenrod is not considered responsible for hay fever-type allergies, because its pollen is relatively heavy and not easily airborne. It generally gets blamed for hay fever because it blooms at the same time as the inconspicious ragweed, which is a major allergy producer.

The linked thread (given for informational purposes) discusses general allergy and hay fever concerns, and mentions such herbs as butterbur. Research supporting use of this herb for allergies is limited but generally positive.

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Hi. I have a wildwoman tea which keeps me liver clean & has done wonders for all the allergies that hit me at middle age... raspberry leaf base, a little licorice because a LOT of dandelion, a little peppermint, a little lemon balm, a fair amount of nettle. Some burdock if I remembered to dig it up & dry it. A pinch of cleavers. Before I started making this (and someone taught me the basics-- I didn't discover it on my own), I would be laid out flat from April to June & September to December, then sick the rest of the winter because of the cats now hibernating in front of the heat ducts. It works for me. You-- you have to tweak it, you know?

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