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silversword(9A)January 24, 2009

Oakleif posted in one thread that perhaps we should share an herbalism joke or something funny that happened with herbs. I think that's a great idea. Lighten it up a bit in here. :)

This is kind of a cute story, I think. My daughter had a sore throat the other night. She's six. I got a lozenge for her to suck on, but she said it didn't help. I said she could gargle with salt water because that sometimes helps a sore throat. So she went and got the salt and a bowl and we made up a little water. Her reaction? Wow mom, that really works!

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Isn't it wonderful when our children choose the right path!
Love that story! Thanks for sharing it with us.
The younger they learn the better!

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I have fond that gargling with Coca Cola can also be helpful for sore throat. I used to use that in college, when a Coke was only as far away as the nearest vending machine.

As a preventive, I use Chloraseptic throat spray, which has phenol in it. I think the phenol has some antimicrobial action.

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this isn't an herbal remedy but after googleing restless leg syndrome and found the home remedies,I found one that has really lessened my agonizing problem-a bar of soap placed under the fitted sheet in your bed,about calf height,it doesn't take it totally away,but it makes it soooo bearable and they say 1 bar of soap is good for about 3 weeks.

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I used to suffer a lot with sore throats before I learned more about herbal medicine. The best thing I found for sore throat is gargling with cayenne pepper. My parents always had us gargle with salt water when we were kids, but I've found that cayenne works much better. It goes right to the back of the throat where the soreness is.

One time we were traveling and I had no access to a home medicine cabinet when my throat started to feel scratchy and sore. I picked up some "spicy hot" V-8 at gas n grubs along the way and by the time we reached our destination my throat was much better and I didn't come down with a cold after all. Cayenne is loaded with Vitamin C and soo healing for so many things. try it!

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This wasn't extremely amusing at the time, but I found out the hard way that making a home botanical remedy for bugs on houseplants can backfire.

I'd had pretty good results with using a commercial hot pepper wax spray on plants, so I decided to make my own, using such ingredients as garlic and hot peppers, blended together and strained through cheesecloth to make a concentrate. All went well until I and my wife (who was also in the kitchen at the time) noticed our eyes were starting to sting along with noses and throats, with discomfort then extending to breathing, to the point where we turned on the stove hood fan and fled the kitchen. The whiteflies and aphids were probably laughing.

That stuff was strong.

Turned out it didn't work all that well on the insects. I'm back to neem oil and soap spray.

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Fun thread. LOL eric, Did it clear the sinuses?
When i took highschool Chemistry in the 50,s Our teacher told us we were going to make beer. That met with much enthusiasm by the guys. Their imaginations turning to a wild party at the end. I don't remember what went into this big metal pot on one table but we watched it with relish.Days later it started turning this sick grey color with unknown little things floating in it. THAN IT STARTED BUBBLING. Teacher announced it was done and we could dip in. Not one person would touch that stuff and i have never drunk a beer. Wine is a different matter. although i do on occasion think of Lucy stomping grapes in her bare feet on one of her shows.

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Goshen, that sounds gross!!! I've always wanted to stomp grapes, but would hesitate to drink the wine after!

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With both feet infected from impaled sea urchin spines rotting for days a Kenyan Witch doctor told me what to do. Ooh eee ooh ahh ahh, was how I was hobbling around on the sides of my feet.
So I sat on the Indian Ocean beach with my feet slammed into split-open ripe papaya halves for a couple of 1970 hours.
When finally looked: there were the core of the spines, with the inflammation reduced, the local infection eaten away & I could just pinch the offenders out with finger nails.
Happy it worked, but hungry after all that sitting around & then extracting many minute sea urchin spines, I ate the papaya parts from the sides that didn't look too mashed in.
... Ting tang walla walla bing bang, my friend the Witch Doctor, he told me what to do.

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At least he told you to used papaya! Common remedy on the beaches of Hawaii is to have someone pee in a cup and pour it over. Same effect, but not quite as appetizing!

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Now you tell us the real Hawaii "Aloha" we'd get.
That "lei" story was a lie even for Captain Cook .

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What? I don't understand. We would use pee because people rarely bring papaya to the beach and the trees do not grow near the beach in Hawaii. They both work just as good.

Captain Cook got what was coming to him, IMO.

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Just joking, lots of us stateside are in winter storms. Send us some volcanic heat, we got enough urine.

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Gotcha. Yellow snow and all. The mountains on the island of Hawaii are covered in snow too, and when that happens it can get down in the 30's in some places (I know, cry me a river, right?)!

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Peeing on people does not work. It is sterile so it doesn't do much harm, but it is not a pleasant or effective remedy. Papaya has some powerful proteases in it, perhaps it breaks down the proteinaceous toxin in the sea urchin spines. I'm primarily a reef guy.

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Both papaya and urine work (vinegar and meat tenderizer also works, and some keep it in their truck!) and are recommended by emergency physicians as well as private physicians in Hawaii. Having surfed Hawaii's shallow reef breaks my entire life, I have a bit of first hand knowledge in this area. Papaya and meat tenderizer are preferred, but urine works as well. Often malahinis will be adverse to urine on their skin and will go against local advice. They pack up and go to the six hour emergency room wait only to be given a cup and pointed toward the bathroom by the attending doctor. I have seen this time and time again.

The thick spines of the `ina does not dissolve like wana spines. Usually it takes a month or so to heal. The spines are very brittle and hard to get out from the skin, but if possible, take as many out as you can, very gently so as not to break them further off. If there are signs of infection, go to the doctor.

Of course, I do not have a fully referenced, certified and notarized document in triplicate verifying the accuracy of my above statements. Just personal experience.

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Any emulators of M. Ghandi who drunk own urine?
Only saw it given out orally once , far back in the African bush; successfully for dropsy 1st aid utilizing somebody else's urine.
For my imbibing experiment, fresh it was (long ago;past tense) "tolerable", warm & made me produce copious volume of the self-same fluid.
Used it externally in desperation years ago out in the sticks on a recurring fungal issue on some fingers. Soaked the parts in it & there was fairly quick subsidence of symptoms - but, not 100% complete eradication of all focii.
The urine soak controlled the relapse outbreaks & didn't cause skin to smell.
Eventually got to a city dermatologist; who sequenced through several very costly prescriptions unsuccesfully, until tried the cheapest anti-fungal which ended the problem.

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Never done it myself, but have known people who have. Interesting story about the fungus. I've heard that peeing in the bath will soften the skin too, so not to worry for kids who are concerned...

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