Flax Boiling

gringojayJanuary 19, 2009

Flax, Linum usitatissimum, has gotten some good press & diverse sales in last few years.

For over 35 years I have planted it, bought it, begged it & hauled seeds around the world for 1st aid.

An old Provo, Utah mentor taught me how to use the boiled seed to "draw". You will get instructions at end of this post.

Here is my latest personal use testimonial. I hope some readers will carry on

the tradition & use common sense about limitations.

When clearing land for agriculture a rigid type of cactus spine became snugly imbedded in between the knuckle bones on one of my fingers.

The cactus spine's covering dissolved, the infection was controlled, digging it out with a knife point was unsuccessful, no surgery was available & the flesh healed over. Months, plural, passed & intermittently working with that hand's finger was painful.

Now you know I am a procrastinator , because wouldn't bother to fix it promptly. But, finally work load eased & suffering stupidly really abashed me.

So, I boiled some flax seed & wrapped it on the knuckle with obstinate deep embedded cactus spine between the bones. When didn't get the anticipated quick draw my previous experiences gave I admit to disheartening doubt.

Well, you guessed right if figured that, it took a few days to open up the puncture & loosen the spine to where it retracted from it's inaccessible penetrated bone joint depth. After I could finally pull spine out without surgical digging I chastised myself for ignoring it & dreaming it would go away.

Another use over the years has been to clear obstinate foreign material from the eyes; whether agro-industrial accidents of flying debris or undiagnosed infection/inflammation. Remember to use common sense if dealing with any open wounds (see later in post).

I take the tepid boiled flax, slap it on the closed eye & bandage wrap it to some how stay in place. Usually done overnight, without changing the

applied flax, it lifts clean away & the eye recovery will have noticeably begun &/or the offending particle will be accessible for extraction near the corner/lid of the eye. For a surprisingly short span repeat applications may be indicated .

Here's how I won some overseas Customs Inspection indulgence recently after the fellows' steel pinned broken leg surgical scars refused to stop oozing serum & blood for months. This was NOT a raw, completely open new surgical wound.

Response, using boiled flax wrapped overnight (air was day time strategy with less boiled flax applications), was noticeable quite quickly & the wound site first cleaned up it's definition - whereby the number of focal points became less. It was daily obvious there was less volume of discharge, more skin knitting the area together & the subsurface swelling was subsiding.

This instance brings up another use for boiled flax. This fellow, mentioned with the broken leg, had compromised circulatory swelling in the lower extremity. The family would pack these areas with boiled flax & the underlying tissue would soften, as well as limb diameter would decrease.

You, yourself, may also know of some individual professing the "Toxin" theory who regularly ingest boiled flax for prevention. I have not administered it internally & have no informed opinion; it is not poisonous.


1) take flax seed (threshed/winnowed) & bring it to boil (clear/cleanest water)

  1. simmer for a LONG time ( 1/2 hour +) until the seed exudes a mucus,

absolutely important the "gel" extraction occurs & you do NOT need to

separate the seeds from the gel matrix

2a) seed freshness will determine the speed which extraction occurs

& amount of total gel obtained; old seeds are better than none

2b) you want the gel/seed goo & not water so it will stay better where

you put it on the body; if you use too much water just

simmer it away; if you use too little water initially add more to

keep gel from burning onto pan

3) apply the tepid flax gel, fix in place anyway can & do NOT fuss with the

poultice worrying about it's temperature or lift it to inspect (let it work

undisturbed); overnight is good time for convenience & duration span

in place

3a) repeat as needed & use common sense when open wound involved

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Amazing! Good information to have!
I can't wit to try it!
Im printing the "recipe" to keep it in my
book on healing!
Thanks again!

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My neighbor has a piece of tree (bark/dust?) in his eye that he has been unable to wash out. I'm going home tonight to recommend this to him. Thank you!

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Questions for your neighbor. Can he see the particle? How long has the eye been irritated? Some eye problems are not from the particle that was in the eye but associated fungus or bacteria from the substance that was originally in the eye. If he has had the problem more than a week he probably should try something in addition to this.

I have found that after the particle is gone I cause more irritiation to the eye until the blood vessels have reduced which would not be helped by a poltice.

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hi maifleur,
I agree fungal/bacterial infections are not something you "draw" out.
And, in case anyone misunderstands, the Customs gent's surgical site did not have an actively spreading around infection - it's tissue refused to heal from within & any pus/blood/serum was local.
When a traffic accident left my knee massively swollen I used this to reduce the tissue & ameliorate the fluid pressure. (I'll post later the herb I used out on "my" island that worked better than the anti-inflammatory drug later got in the USA.)
I'll volunteer that blood ( & theoreticaly lymphatic) vessel circulatory benefit, on the other hand, has good potential to respond to the flax exudate. (I can not say for S.'s neighbor's case from afar, obviously.)
Repeatedly, I have taken minor eye irritation to the inflammatory stage by/with my own rubbing it. Every time, I did the same direct application on the closed eye, flax exudate has given recovery (quite promptly).
The heat is not what is important, so vaso-dilation is not apparently the active principle behind a boiled flax poultice (there is no counter-irritant operating).
If you care to believe me, it has worked on a fine metal "splinter" in the eye too.
Obligatory disclaimer: kids, don't rely on this for poisonous snake bite treatment, consult a professional immediately.

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It happened on Sunday. He was cutting a tree, and some tree stuff fell into it. He can't see it, but it is bothering him.

No worries, I understand this is not to be taking the place of a physician!!! But I really can't see any harm that could come of it, unless continuing this or any treatment when not effective...

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lady_6(z6 KY)

Could you boil the seeds and make the pulp into a salve for drawing purposes? I was wondering how long it would keep, or if you would have to make it fresh each time you needed it.

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Hi lady 6: the end product is very gooey in consistency, I can't think of anything that would blend with it for creating a salve. Sorry, can't say how long it would retain it's properties, because always used it right away - once tepid. Let me repeat: cooling down, even overnight, seems irrelevant to remedy's success.

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lady_6(z6 KY)

Thanks, I was thinking about making some into a salve to keep on hand.I will just have to make as needed...thanks again

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