Need help diagnosing cherry tree disease

nothwehrFebruary 16, 2013

I have two young cherry trees (a Meteor and Northstar) planted during the Fall of 2010. They are both on krymsk-7 rootstock. The Northstar fruited for the first time last year but the Meteor has not fruited yet.

Around August of last year I noticed that both had lost some leaves (see one in image) and that some of the leaves were yellowed. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good close-up image of the leaves but the 2nd pic gives some idea. Today I was looking closely at the trees in dormancy and noticed quite a few lesions on trunk. Most of these weren't oozing anything but in the crotch of some of the major branches I did see sap oozing out. I should have dealt with this problem sooner but was distracted by other projects late last summer. I've done some web searching and it looks like it could be cherry leaf spot although I'm not sure the oozing sap fits this. Could bacterial canker be a possibility? What do you all think the problem is and is there hope for these trees? Thanks!


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Sorry, it's not letting me post multiple images for some reason. Here's image 2...

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...and image 3.

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I should mention that I live in Maryland; this would probably be helpful in determining what disease the trees have. Thanks in advance!

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skyjs(z8 OR, USA)

My Northstar has terrible bacterial diseases, but they look different than yours. Mine does have the clear ooze, which I believe is bacterial. Maybe the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will know the Secret of the OOze?
John S

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