Best tasting low chill early apricot?

altadenamaraFebruary 29, 2008

Which is the better tasting early apricot that might fruit in the Los Angeles area, such as Katy, Royal Rosa, or Goldkist? Any blooming apricot is supposed to help the fruit set of Flavor Delight aprium, but all my apricots are still asleep and Flavor Delight is almost bloomed out. Is it possible that another aprium like Cot-N-Candy would pollinate it? It's had a few blooms, but is too small to flower much.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Flavor Delight may be self fertile. It has always set a lot of fruit for me. And it does bloom very early. Cot-N-Candy will probably fertilize it if they bloom together. I just planted Cot-N-Candy this yr. My favorite early aprium is Tasty Rich. It is listed at 300 hrs. It is my earliest tree fruit, has good size, and a very good full apricot flavor. I think it is a much superior eating fruit than Flavor Deight and about two wks earlier. But I think you will have a hard time finding it.

The Fruitnut

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Thanks for your response. Adams County Nursery sells Tasty Rich, but doesn't ship to CA. Not fair, since the variety originated here.
A local nursery is having a big sale this weekend, with a nice selection of fruit trees.

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Fruitnut, you're right. Flavor Delight seems to be setting a nice crop this year, in spite of no pollinators. Last year there was only one fruit.
I bought both Kathy and Royal Royal at the local nursery sale. There are a number of Gardenweb posts on how well Royal Rosa grows, how disease resistant it is, but not much on how it tastes.

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carolync1(z8/9 CA inland)

I have a Royal Rosa and have not been impressed with the fruit so far. Small and on the bland side. Flavor Delight is better, thought not as good as my Harcot, which comes on a little later. There's a space for Flavorella plumcot next to Royal Rosa so that it could serve as a pollenizer, if I find a tree on a suitable rootstock. Katy is supposed to taste better near the coast than in the Central Valley where I am, so the same could be true of Royal Rosa.

Tasty Rich sounds great. Wonder if it's self-pollinating? My Flavor Delight doesn't seem to need a pollinatior.

Early Golden is listed at 450 chill hours vs. 500 for Royal Rosa. Flora Gold (500 hours) is also early. It is on the small side and is bland until fully ripe, at least in my yard. I guess this means it is low in acid.

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bvbrown_gw(z9 Monrovia CA)

In my opinion, the only true "low-chill" apricot that is around is Joe's Italian. I posted on this variety last year (or was it two years ago?); anyway, it is no longer available apparently in the GW archive.

Joe's Italian is available from Exotica Nursery in Vista, CA. It originally came from Palermo, Sicily. It is extremely precocious (quickly starts fruiting) and needs little chilling. It flowers with Flavor Delight. It has a truer apricot flavor than FD, but is less juicy. I wouldn't call it a fantastic apricot, but for me it is far more reliable than Katy (which I discarded after 7 years of no fruit) or Goldkist.


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Thanks so much for your responses. I had a large apricot tree that was a heavy bearer for around 24 years, then died suddenly, possibly a Blenheim. It ripened around the end of June. Trying to replace it has been a challenge.

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