"bagging" apple trees to promote lateral branching

waiting_gwFebruary 22, 2013

This article


talks about "bagging" apple trees to promote lateral branching (near the end of the article).

It mentions a 2- to 3-mil, small diameter, clear polyethylene sleeve that can be obtained in rolls and cut to length.

Does anyone know where this might be purchased?

Barring that, I wonder if I could cut the ends out of gallon food bags and do sections of the tree, or even individual buds.

I also wonder if this techique would be effective on cherry trees.


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Gary, many people use regular generic baggies. Not zip lock, the type you squeeze together and they stay closed. Go to youtube and type in bagging apples. This works very well and I do it every year. Apples have a far thicker skin than cherries. I wouldn't try it on cherries as they might rot under the heat of their new plastic 'greenhouse'! Mrs. G

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bob_z6(6b/7a SW CT)

MrsG, Waiting is asking about using the bag on the tree (for generate branches), not to protect the fruit.

The closest thing I've found to a roll online is a 1000 foot sleeve for film, but it is a bit expensive for a toss-away solution. A cheaper option (though I haven't worked out the per-foot math) would be umbrella bags, which are just over 25" long.

I wonder if plastic bread bags may be long enough. I may try this on a few trees this year with a used bread bag (turned inside out for cleanliness?).

As the article notes, notching is another possibility (and free). I remember seeing an article on Promalin being effective, particularly in combination with notching. But, I think I saw another poster mentioning how pricey it is.

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MrsG, thanks for writing. Bagging the actual apple is something I needed to know about, too. Codling moths are out of control, they're even attacking my peaches.

Bob, thanks for those links. The film sleeve IS pretty pricey and probably not big enough around. The umbrella bags just might work.

I've tried notching cherry trees with no success.

Yep, Promalin is expensive, if, as a hobbiest, you can even find it. I paid $115 + shipping for a quart. You mix it with latex paint about 4:1, but that's still expensive in my book.

Somehow I'm going to convince these trees to branch where I want them to.


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