Rabbiteye identification

foolishpleasureFebruary 17, 2013

Can any one of you experts tell me what kind of Rabbiteye I have. I want to add some more varieties for cross pollination and I don;twant to add thevsame one I have, I am looking at Brightblue, Brightwell, Premier, and Deliteblue. Is mine one of those. Please ignore the green leaves down it is a fig tree Thanks

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here another picture

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I can't get the first picture in I DON'T KNOW WHY?

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I think your going to have a really hard time distinguishing one Rabbiteye from another. Ive got 7 different varieties and when they flower out, the flower stems color and flower shape can differ slightly. The growht patterns and leaf shape seem to differ alittle also. For the most part they are very hard, maybe even impossible to distinguish from one another. Someone would have to be around alot of different varieties for a very long time in my opinion to distinguish them and even then it would just be a educated guess. There is a guy on youtube in Japan that has some videos where he shows a bunch of different rabbiteye flowers in bloom and names them from frame to frame. Type "fukuberry rabbiteye" in youtube search and see what you can come up with. Even then, its just a guess. Your best bet is to get the varieties you mentioned and just be happy with a unknown in your collection. I have a couple unknown SHB collection but its still a blueberry and eats all the same.

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I suspect blueboy's answer is right, and in any case, I couldn't begin to tell any of my rabbiteyes apart. I can, however, tell you that Yadkin is the clear favorite for taste for everyone in my family. Brightwell is my second favorite. I like Delite better than Premier. I don't have and haven't ever tried Brightblue. Delite might give you the benefit of extending the harvest on the tail end, for which I might also consider Bonita, Ira, or Centurion.

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Thanks I will get the other varieties and hope for the best.

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