Best Place to buy EO's

janellelee(10fl)January 22, 2009

Does anyone want to share their favorite place to purchase EO's of the best quality?

Thanks in advance!


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I like the Aura Cacia ones.

You can usually find at least a few of the basic ones in a health food store.

I origionally spotted them in a new age bookstore.

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Im looking to buy them in 16 oz. I use them for cleaning and
all kinds of other things

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If you Google Aura Cacia, I think they have a website.

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It's not easy to find quality oils when starting out. I sold essential oils in my store for many years so became acquainted with aromatherapists and many people in the industry. Surprisingly, I was told that most health food stores do not sell the best quality oils. I think it has to do with what their suppliers provide, costs, and profits. Basically you get what you pay for and most people do not want to pay much for such tiny bottles! Especially when they first begin using EO's they do not understand how concentrated they are, the small amounts necessary, and consequently how long they last.

The link below is to a company which is owned by the family of Julia Lawless, a renowned aromatherapist in Britain. She has written many books on the subject of aromatherapy. Her company owns some of the fields the plants are grown in so quality can be controlled. This is not the usual case for companies which sell essential oils. Many companies purchase oils from the cheapest source which means they are not very good quality. Cheaper quality oils may be from a 3rd, or even more, distilling and have very little active ingredients left.

Jan, have you used essential oils? The reason I ask is that 16 oz. is a lot of pure essential oil. The largest bottle I've ever bought for personal use is 30 ml. which is 1 oz. Most of my oils are 10 ml. bottles, a few 5 ml. Essential oils have a shelf life, generally speaking, of 2 years. Some oils last longer, some much less. So buying in bulk is only good value if you use a lot or sell. I prefer to have many different oils for different uses. It is true that the larger the bottle the less one pays per ml. but if the oil loses it's quality over time it is of no value to me.

Here is another company link which I believe to have quality oils according to people I know:

Another company you may be told has quality oils is Young Living. I won't say anything about their quality but it is a multi-level company so their oils are very expensive. IMO buyer beware.

Buy only EO's packaged in amber (brown) bottles as they will keep longer. Read all you can about the subject and be cautious in using them. They are very safe when used with awareness of the potency. And most of all enjoy, once you start using them you likely will never stop. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: quality essential oils

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Aura Cacia eos are produced by Frontier Herbs, a coop herb company with a good reputation for sustainable & organic procurement practices & correspondingly high price tags. Great for the retail consumer, not those of us who need wholesale quantities. I prefer bulk oils from these sources: Camden Grey EOs, (Florida?), Liberty Natural Products (Oregon)& Essential Oil University (Indiana?), which is a quirky name for a cool company. All of them sell in 16 oz & larger sizes at good pricing. The eo market is as volatile (hehe) as the stock market-- prices can change quickly, so it's a good idea to check the web-listed price with the actual price -- I've had to do this with Liberty, but I've been using them for years & really have no complaints.

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Thanks Simplemary,

Its amazing the difference in price! I noticed how quickly the prices change too!
Do you think Camden Grey's EO's are of good quality? I live here in Miami and could do a Pick up....
Thanks for your input!

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I find Camden Grey's oils a little "cleaner" in scent than, say, Liberty's. Not diluted, just not as "earthy." Their geranium is the best I've gotten from anywhere; the bergamot is very fresh & light-- not a 10X orange smell, y'know? I've gotten oakmoss a few times from them & each time it's been different in both consistency & scent, but EOs vary as well in their growth environment, the time the plants are harvested, etc., so I never really worry if they don't smell exactly the same as they did the last time I got them. The last peppermint I got from CG's was very green-- almost like a baby mint. I get a lot of lavender & lavendin from them & have always found them to hold up well in products. Patchouli is a little dirty but not sharp. I wish I lived near one of these places so I could just go in and smelllll before I buy. Maybe Camden Grey will let you do this? Dunno. Good luck.

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CG used to have a showroom but they closed it. I guess its cheaper to buy over the internet. Why pay overhead?
Everytime I go to Whole Foods I smell EVRY sample they have! :~)
I use EO's for ecerything, cleaning my house, bath, perfume,
facials, scrubs tothpaste, you name it I will make and use it!

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