Any herbs etc. that warm the body? Topically?

flowersandthings(MidAtlantic 6/7)January 9, 2005

Are there any herbs or other natural or non harmful compounds (or hopefully non harmful) that warm the skin? My aunt has a circulatory disorder...... she is being treated by a doctor and also taking some herbs she found..... but her feet and hands are always cold...... I thought it might be nice to find a lotion or ingredient that could warm her hands and feet for her...... :)

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Chilli powder, mustard, ginger are all used to warm the body externally, and thus improve the blood circulation. However, great care should be taken because they are so effective they can often cause burning to the skin. An old treatment for cold feet is to sprinkle some cayenne pepper into a sock, or into the shoe. You need to make sure that the skin doesn't actually come into contact with the powder, so if using the sock, put on a thin one, then the one with the cayenne in it over the top.

There's also the old-fashioned mustard bath for the feet - just sprinkle some mustard powder into some water and bathe the feet in it as hot as you can bear. You need to wriggle your toes around a bit in the water for maximum effect. In other words, EXERCISE, even moderate exercise like Tai Chi or a gentle stroll around the block, will be of great benefit.

Garlic, added to the diet regularly, will also help improve the circulation. So will Gotu Kola (Pennywort.)

Here are some other remedies for improving the circulation. Check with the doctor before beginning on any herbal treatment regime:

Include any of the following herbs as a regular part of the diet: Cayenne Pepper; Cinnamon bark; Coriander seeds and leaves; Cumin seeds and leaves; Dandelion leaves; Garlic bulbs; Ginger root; Horseradish root; Mustard seeds; Pepper berries (peppercorns).

Use Marjoram essential oil in massages.

Drink a tea made from the berries and bark of Prickly Ash, combined with Cramp Bark. Drink 1-2 cups daily.

Drink a cup or two of Chervil tea each day.

Drink a little Ginger tea every day.

Take in at least 26 full, deep breaths, hold as long as possible, then let out as slowly as possible. While seated, point the toes down as far as possible, then up and down about 10 times. Repeat these exercises frequently, especially if you are feeling cold.

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arnica improves circulation, but you must be very careful not to get this herb internal...
Another suggestion that TRULY improves circulation is EXERCISE! :o) a good walk around the block should warm her right up!

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The essential oils of peppermint and ginger are both excellent ways to create a warm sensation to skin.

Since essential oils are very potent however and caution should be used in applying them. Never apply undiluted to skin; do not use them internally and be very careful about not touching your eyes once this is on your hands.
1-2 drops of either essential oil in 1-1 1/2 tablespoons of unscented oil (can use vegetable oil) or unscented lotion should be quite adequate to produce a warming of the skin.

You may want to try this on yourself before using this on your aunt so that you can make adjustments of using more or less essential oil since different batches of oil can have a different potency level.

If you use peppermint it sometimes takes a few minutes to start feeling the warmth - in fact to begin with you will feel a cooling sensation which is followed by a wonderful warmth along with it's pleasurable aroma.

Good luck!

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is it good to have afeeding mother ginger tea to warm the body?

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