Menopause when HRT is being used

reese51February 7, 2012

My question is this. I had a complete hysterectomy 23 years ago, ovaries and all. I was started on HRT immediately and have never stopped taking them. I've tried to cut back on them at times during the years, but had hot flashes, no sleep, so my doctor put me back on the same dosage. Now I've noticed that at around age 56 (I'm 58 now) I started having short term memory loss, word finding problems, can't remember names....nothing dramatic enough that friends mention it, but my husband and I both definitely see it. I have seen these as menopause symptoms and wonder - could I be having some kind of menopause problems that are age related? Just to further complicate matters, I take Topamax for migraines and have for 10 years. It is known to cause exactly those problems but when I first got on the Topamax the side effects were awful, then tapered off. That's what has me thinking it may be menopause related. Anyone else have menopause symptoms around 55-60 even after you are on HRT?

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you are experiencing what chinese medical practitioners call 'yin deficiency' which is extremely common during menopause. there are herbs and protocols which address the symptoms very nicely that you may want to look into. the problems with your memory is related to 'blood deficiency' also very common in women in general as we have a strong relationship with blood thru monthly cycles, childbirth etc. the herbs that treat yin and blood deficiency overlap as these two conditions are almost always seen together. suggest you find a practitioner of chinese herbal medicine, an acupuncturist or omd, and let them assess and treat you properly. best wishes you feel better soon. k

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Thank you so much for the follow-up. I will be sure to check it out.

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