Is bee pollen the same as the bee propolis for lowering glucose?

coodyFebruary 27, 2012

I read the bee propolis can lower the blood glucose but only saw the bee pollen in the Walmart. I wonder whether the bee pollen is different from propolis or the same product to lower the blood glucose. Thank you for your answer.

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hi coody, they are not the same. bee pollen is proteinaceous and gathered by bees from flowers which they in turn use for food. propolis is sticky resins and oils collected from tree buds by bees which they use on the inside of their hive to plug cracks and keep things clean. for humans, pollen is a food supplement... propolis has antiseptic properties and is used as such particularly for oral/dental issues. it'd be my guess that propolis would have more blood sugar lowering effects due to its bitter flavor..herbs that lower blood sugar are invariably bitter. chromium supplementation of 200-600 micrograms per day is very helpful at both lowering blood sugar and eliminating cravings for sweets. hope this helps, kk

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Red Raspberry Leaf and Dandelion are both considered very good at controlling blood sugar. Although if taken in conjunction with a prescription it can cause blood sugars to go too low. You can get these for a steal on amazon. You won't find most herbs at local chain stores, you got to look for natural food or alternative medicine stores. Although in my experience the local stores are expensive. If you got the cash to support the lil guy go ahead, otherwise check out amazon.

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Please, never ever buy bee pollen in Walmart.

Locate your local bee keeper and ask him to collect some for you FRESH. He can also get you some propolis.


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