Dry Avocados

khaliFebruary 24, 2014

We moved into a home in Oct. 2013, and picked good sized avocados from the three mature trees in the backyard. As we waited for them to be ready to eat, we noticed they had dried out and were not edible; this happened a few different times. We fertilized the trees...still dried out avocados. Does anyone know what to do next? Thank you.

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Kippy(SoCal zone 10. Sunset Zone 24)

Do you know what kind of avo they are?

Any photos of the tree or fruit?

FYI avos grown from pits often are...the pits.

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If the skin wrinkled up....they were not ripe. They should not dry up....either way. Can you give more details?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

I'm no avocado expert, but years ago I wanted to buy an orchard in Fallbrook. When I found out the costs of water and feeding, I now happily buy my avocados at the grocery!

They need a lot of water! Another theory is the one thing that dries out citrus is freeze. Did they get frozen this year? I know So CA had some freezes where temps dropped below 30 even in San Diego, so that could also be the problem.

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Wow, you all are great replying so fast! I'm attaching a photo I took this morning. My sister has the same tree, 40 mi. north of us, and it gives beautiful avocados (she hardly does anything to it). If I pick the avocado in the photo, in a few days it'll dehydrate. Thanks again.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance

We bought an avocado yesterday. Got one that does well with a few chill hours. Not exactly sure of the name. It's early, and the plant is outside in the foggy morning. But it's something like Gran Mexicali or something like that.

Anyway, I asked the nursery guy why some of the leaves of these new trees were brown. FREEZE! They don't like freeze and most of So CA had it.

Your sister's trees might be protected by a structure or something. I know we had a seedling next to the house facing east, and it thrived through the freeze. It's now in ground down low on our hill, so it might get some brown leaves next winter.

As long as your trees are getting enough water, they'll probably produce good avocados next season. Freezes are unusual here, but all our weather is pretty weird.


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The tree is suffering from lack of water. With the upcoming storms...I bet you will see a flush of new/healthy growth in a few weeks. The above comments regarding avos loving water is correct. Know your soil type. Sandy soil leaches out water much quicker than a heavy soil. I still do not understand why the fruit "dries up". That is rare and should not happen. Consult when to pick fruit (depends on variety).

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Thanks everyone...we're expecting rain here, so with any luck things may 'pick up' as far as the trees go, and we'll be sure to hand water them. Hope it works!

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