'F' is for Fungus

sassy-meFebruary 19, 2006

Several weeks ago I found a skin "rash" under one of my breasts. My physician confirmed it is (gasp) skin fungus. Shocking & embarrassing how a gal can get such a condition when she maintains proper hygiene & wears mostly cotton underwear.

I tried the medicated ointment & became frustrated with the slow results. Then tried Lotrim (for Athlete's foot) "assuming" fungus is fungus regardless of the location its settled in. But I feel better using a natural approach to treatment.

On these forums I heard of genetian violet & trying that now -- be forwarned....it is a purple INK, but I think it is working. I'm also dabbing the affected area with vinager twice a day. The vinager stings the (problem area) skin so I think that means it is working.

I found this (Dr. Stoll) article online & I hope it can help anyone out here who has a similar problem....with any type of fungus. :-(

"First, you must understand that there is NOTHING, prescription or non-prescription, that KILLS any topical fungus (nails, skin, vagina, mouth, etc.). All any thing does is to inhibit growth of the fungus in tissue that was grown THAT DAY during the treatment. The growing cells must incorporate some of whatever is being applied, right into the cell, so THAT CELL will no longer be susceptible to the fungus. THEN the natural shedding of superficial tissues will grow the already infected tissue right off the body.

Fungi cannot stand an acid environment. Fill a dropper bottle with the cheapest distilled vinegar from the grocery store (do not use good vinegar that has not been distilled) and put 2 drops of the vinegar at the growing base of the affected area every night and morning."

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I don't understand the "distilled vinegar" part... that's like distilled wine... I'd think any ole vinegar would work.
I've tried several days of 4000 milligrams of Vitamin C, too, to see if it would acidify my skin...:o(
I ran long distance for years, providing a nice warm sweaty places, even though I didn't get athlete's foot (?????) finally, the only thing that would do the trick was several days of fluconazole... but maybe if you aren't providing such a great situation, you might have an easier time of getting rid of the stuff. Also, quit drinking alcohol, that just HELPS the stuff.

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Being a 'big girl' (having problems with gravity!) and living in a hot, humid climate, this problem is not unusual for me, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. These are ideal conditions for fungal growths (hot and wet with little or no air circulation). Fungal conditions are very common in the tropics or subtropics, and they can occur on any part of the body. It has little or nothing to do with hygiene. It's commonly called 'heat rash'. I get it behind my ears and on the nape of my neck, too.

Have a look in your chemist or your supermarket in the baby products section. You're looking for a talcum powder suitable for nappy rash (diaper rash). There's no point in giving a brand-name because I'm on the other side of the world from you. But such powders can be found in most places, and they are excellent, because not only do they have antifungal properties, but they are also very soothing - and being a powder, they actually dry up the area. Fungi cannot grow in dry conditions.

Here is a link that might be useful: Curash talc

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Vinegar would tend to sting any irritated skin or open wound because it is acidic. It doesn't mean it has value in treating fungal infections of skin.

The quoted statement from Dr. Stoll about the way antifungal drugs work does not make sense when talking about skin infections. (If this is the same Dr. Stoll that had his medical license revoked by the state of Kentucky in 1994, you can read more about him on Quackwatch).

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What kind of fungus? Baical skullcap can be taken internally to kill your skin fungus. There are several
mixtures you can take.

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limhyl(z8 NC)

Tea Tree oil is a powerfull antifungal and can be applied directly to the skin for most people. You could also dilute it with a solvent such as water or olive oil. I just cured a fungal infection on my feet which caused the skin on my heals to crack. I thought it was just dry skin and tried all kinds of lotions. I finally got rid of it with a tea tree/olive oil mixture rubbed on twice a day. Theresa.

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