milque_toastFebruary 10, 2013

Found this strange creature on the ground under a tree. Looks like a sea shell about 1.5" long and wiggles it's tail.
will be verrrry grateful if somebody gives me it's name(called it Jim, John, Paul & Ali, but it wouldn't answer)


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GreenOrchardMom(Ga Mts 7)

wiggles its tail? eeeck
looks like a chrysalis to me

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Thanks for your help, Mom.
Was searching the web for the specie name. Finally found - Pupa of Manduca quinquemaculata( Papa of my old friend Tomato Hornworm). Revenge will be swift!

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GreenOrchardMom(Ga Mts 7)

as in those hateful creatures that gooble up my hard won gourmet heirloom tomatoes?
squash it quick ha
u r vry welcome milque toast

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Actually, the tomato hornworm is the larva of a very beautiful and important pollinator--the hummingbird moth. These are really magnificent creatures, seen often at dusk pollinating flowers. They are especially beneficial to gourds and other night-blooming plants. Also, the chrysalis resembles the luna moth, another beautiful species.

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In addition the hornworm is the host for the eggs of the beneficial insect parasitic wasp (tiny wasp that goes after bad bugs not people). If one looks like it has grains of rice stuck on it's back then it is growing good bugs. I usually get one or two a year and let them chomp on extra leaves till the little dudes hatch.

Pam in cinti

Here is a link that might be useful: parasitic wasps life cycle

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What you have has already done it's damage, might as well let it hatch just to see the beautiful creature that comes out.


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