making salve w/ coconut oil

Vinh(9)February 27, 2013

has anyone tried making salve using coconut oil as a substitute for beeswax?

i know that i can infuse coconut oil, and it'll solidify at room temperature, but how about mixing coconut oil w/ herb infused olive oil, will such a mixture set at room temperature?


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Probably will at room temperature. How about only a little coconut oil with less beeswax than you normally use? I'm just figuring that you're trying to get qualities of coconut oil with less stiffness caused from merely using beeswax. (?)

I like using anhydrous lanolin (sheep's wool fat) IF you're not allergic to wool.


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thanks for the info herb doctor. i try to avoid using beeswax since it's the bees' home, so i don't want to exploit them. thus, i'm trying to find a plant based solidifying material.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Experiment but try it in very tiny amounts so you do not waste as much if it does not turn out.

Beeswax is a long keeper on a shelf. I'm not so sure about coconut oil, especially when mixed with olive oil. You'll want to check into that. You don't want rancid salves.


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I was thinking the same thing about the rancidity. But I wasn't quite sure, so I shut my mouth.
By the way, Vin, have you ever heard about how hardwood forests are using sustainable techniques in order to prevent over-harvesting? It works quite well when forests are managed properly. Well, usually beeswax comes from beekeepers who are quite good at non-invasive management of their hives. (I used to raise bees, but I wasn't very good at it, so I quit.)
I'm just trying to consul you a bit so you don't become overly concerned about using beeswax.

If you want, post your good results. We'll all learn.


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from what i understand, coconut oil is quite stable. it's used a lot in south east asia for making infused oil and keeps nicely in liquid form (being so hot in SE asia, the oil is liquid). but i'll add some essential oil just in case :-)

herb doctor,

ah, yes, i've heard about the hardwood forest thing. it'd be nice if such practice were the norm and not the exception.

as for beeswax, i've heard about good bee keepers who harvest a certain part of the comb that won't destroy the actual home of the bees, and i would be ok using that type of wax, but if i were to go into a store and purchase some, i have a feeling that it's not too good.

well, i'll experiment and report back.


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New Frontier in Norway, IA sells beeswax granules. You could call them and ask how theirs is harvested. I've used it, but I prefer other softer mediums.
Have fun.

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coconut oil will NOT substitute for bee's wax in a salve.

wax makes the salve firm, keeps it solid at room temperature.

coconut oil is a thin liquid or very soft at a warm room temperature.

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olive oil goes rancid way sooner than coconut in my experiences

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