PTSD help please!

scrappyjackFebruary 8, 2007

My husband, and Iraqi war vet. was recently diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. He is mostly suffering from nightmares and irritablility.

Any suggestions on some herbs or other therapies to keep him relaxed?

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If he was diagnosed, I assume he's being treated with antidepressants (apart from anything else) and it may not be a good idea to mix those with something from 'here' without talking to his MD about it.

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I also suffer from PTSD, and NO WAY do I mix and match conventional and herbal treatments. If the current treatment isn't working, there are many conventional alternatives to choose from, to suit the individual. They are best, because the dosage is easier to monitor. Ongoing, regular medical supervision is essential. Counselling is also beneficial.

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jlynn(8 sc)

Definitely don't mix in herbs with other meds. That being said there are things you both can do to help.

Easiest would be aromatherapy. Lavender tends to be calming and soothing. Put a drop or 2 on your pillows. Definitely use a high quality essential oil.

I used aromatherapy ALOT in working thru my own PTSD and also in my practice (I'm a counselor)working with trauma victims. Because I have medical issues I was always worried about herbs interacting but found the aromatherapy extremely useful.

Feel free to email me. Remember for for both of you that the healing is not easy or quick but can be done with persiverence.
Blessed be,

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Thanks for the info!!!!

Especially to J'Lynn. I guess some aromatherapy and other calming practices are just what I need for both of us. Thanks for the suggestions.

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I know this sounds silly, but it can't hurt! The native americans believed in dream catchers... :) You know, since it's a psychological thing... if he tries to BELIEVE... You could put a dream catcher over his bed.
Worry stones might help too... My BF is a Japanese Buddhist and when they are stressed, they run those Juzu or prayer beads to help calm their minds... If millions of people use them, they must work some!
My Gardening buddy's daughter was a Psychiatrist in Iraq and came back a couple of years ago, after her building was bombed,with her in it, and she has PTSD too... I should ask her what she does.
None of these suggestions are medical and can't hurt to try....

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No, and they're a good idea!

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I'll accept any kinds of suggestions on therapies. He's taking medication, and I've been firmly informed NOT to mix herbs and drugs. (Thank YOU!)

I think I'll try to redo our bedroom for a start...add some essential oils and candles for aromatherapy, and maybe one of those white noise machines. I think the sounds of the ocean or a forest stream will be wonderful.

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Other than Lavender, is there any other essential oil you would recommend?

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Raw_Nature(5 OH)

I had something very similar from PTSD.. The best thing to do is change your lifestyle and do your eat to get your mind of the problem.. Whatever the problem might be, change your lifestyle so that you will not have to think about any of this problems again.. I even moved.. It might sound extreme but when it's that bad you have to do what you have to do to forget bad memories.. I dont think any herb is going to be effective compared to changing your lifestyle and forgeting about your worries...


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I understand what you're saying. You might be right. This past December 1, 2013, I was attacked by a customer's pit bull. Got 16 stitches. He knocked me down and I really thought I was going to die. Just as I had brought my arm to protect my throat from its bite, the owner grabbed his collar and pulled him away. I was able to scramble to my feet and get to my car for safety. I was all bloody, but still was able to drive myself to the hospital.

I've had PTS ever since. I panic every time I see or hear a dog. One thing that helps is to be determined not to let this overcome me and prevent me from doing the things I know I have to do. I still have an incredible amount of PTSD, but somehow we all learn to cope. The body is a very resilient creation, isn't it?


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Raw_Nature(5 OH)


Man, getting attacked by a customers dog... I got bite in my face, bloody ears,etc.. But no stiches.. You mentioned you worked with hundreds of herbs, I can't imagine why a customer would bring his dog.. Perhaps you have a couple jobs? Hope the stitches heal up well my friend.


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seneca_s(6-7 Idaho)

Have you thought of using flower essences? They don't have any interactions and are very gentle.

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seneca! you beat me to it so let me second your excellent suggestion. Rescue remedy is a stock blend of five flower essences specifically formulated to help heal trauma. its available at any health food store and is quite effective. i've used it myself and with clients with great results.

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jll0306(9/ Sunset 18/High Desert)

I make sure to keep RR on hand at al times. It is an excellent remedy for shck, trauma, and grief. You can find it in dros and pastilles. My husband uses the latter for stress.

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