is it easy to grow blueberry shrub?

preppystudFebruary 19, 2013

there are several types at my local Lowe's store, i didn't know which one is the best.

and i planted two 2 years ago, they just died. so i wonder if it is easy to grow it, and will your home planted blueberry shrub produce enough for you to eat?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

They're pretty easy to grow if your soil is low pH. Do you know what pH your soil is and where are you located? It's usually much easier in a humid climate because that's where the low pH soils are more likely.

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Easy to grow if you have the right pH, the soil is light and well drained and you have ready access to water so you can keep them moist.

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Much of the USA has limestone underground, and usually the soil in these places has pH over 7. Also, the well water will be alkaline, so watering the shrubs will raise pH a bit more. But blueberries are adapted to acidic soil, which is often found on the slopes of a volcano, or downwind of a volcano, where volcanic ash has been deposited. The soil found under evergreen trees is also acidic, but only if the forest has been there for thousands of years. It's easy enough to grow blueberries once you understand pH, and how to keep it at the right place for blueberry shrubs. They also need lots of sunlight, and consistent soil moisture, so they can be high maintenance in some locations. Drip irrigation is often used to maintain soil moisture.

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Grow them in a pot or a raised bed at least 10 high and use mostly pine bark mulch, a little peat moss and perilite or sand. Use rain water if you can. It takes a lot of the guess work out of soil and water ph. If you use tap water they will struggle over the long run unless you really stay ontop of them. In my opinion there not easy to grow. Easy would be something like Okra, you have to try hard to kill those things. About the only fruit that i grow that's easy is blackberries and may be muscadine grapes. Every thing else so far seems to requires quite a bit if attention. Good luck and happy growing!

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Around here they're quite easy to grow, mainly because its been pine forest out here forever. I have three in my back yard that I've had for years now, and my great aunt has two in her yard that require ladders to harvest, and she does nothing but ignore them when it comes to caring for them.

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