Dandelion root

dianamagic(10 San Diego)February 15, 2007

i need to find some dandelion root... i hate to say it, but there are none in my yard. i have lots of herbs and would gladly trade. here is a link i read about the subject: http://www.rense.com/general74/DANDI.HTM

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First of all, you can buy bulk dandelion root online (i.e. from Richters Herbs). An alternate idea is to find neighbors with lots of dandelions in their lawns and offer to dig them up for free.

Sorry to say, the link you provided is full of misinformation and bad advice. Common garden dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) have uses but the author's claim of a cancer cure is not justified. Some relatives of dandelion have shown antitumor activity in cell cultures but I see no evidence that any plant derivatives have been tested in humans or even animals. The author's suggestion that people with cancer stop chemotherapy to eat dandelion instead, could cost lives. In his particular case (he describes having prostate cancer), available anti-androgen therapy is highly likely to knock back his cancer and keep it at bay for his forseeable liftime.

His uniformly gloomy statements about mainstream cancer therapy are not justified. For example, he suggests that cancer survival is not improving. However, breast cancer death rates have been dropping steadily since 1990 due to earlier detection and better treatment. Mortality rates from childhood cancers have decreased over 48% since 1975. The 5-year relative survival rate for all cancers (a common measure of improvements in diagnosis and treatment) has increased from 51% in 1975-77 to 66% for the period 1996-2002. There's a long way to go, but there's no reason to drop proven therapy for highly treatable cancers in favor of dandelion root.

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dianamagic(10 San Diego)

thank u for your reply. guess i'll have to walk around the neighborhood to find some dandelions.

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You can also check local ethnic markets (I think Italian markets may just offer dandelion greens, though). The roots have been used as a coffee substitute.

Most physicians treating a cancer patient would likely have no problem with him/her eating dandelion root. What was disturbing about the link was its attempt to substitute this unproven herbal remedy for all potentially effective drugs, and its use of false information.

Best wishes to you.

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